Eksa E900 Pro Review: Ideal for entry-level gaming

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Mobile and console gaming is now in all homes due to its properties of being easily adaptable to any context. And with the growth of the sector, dedicated accessories have also increased in volume and quality. But for those who are beginners and want something that is not too expensive, of the gaming headphones as the Eksa E900 Pro protagonists of ours review might be ideal, let's see why.

Eksa E900 Pro Review | Gaming headphones

Package Contents

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The equipment of these headphones is undoubtedly very good Eksa E900 Pro analyzed in review. Having an imitation leather bag to transport them is already a good sign, in spite of sufficient packaging (but you have to save somewhere). Inside the bag we obviously find the aforementioned headphones, the cable USB Type-C to recharge them, the jack cable from 3.5/3.5 mm, but also an appreciated splitter for PC and the microphone. Nothing is missing to start playing.

Design and materials

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The design is basically in the trend of this type of headphones, but they are not very original. In the sense, they are quite elegant and the lights in the side details give that necessary gaming touch, but we have seen much more "enterprising" models.

Despite this, the materials are really good, with excellent polycarbonate mixed with soft leatherette (very comfortable but warm after longer sessions). The cables are also of excellent quality although they do not have a fabric covering which perhaps would have made them almost out of category. The lock headphone jack input.

Audio Quality - Eksa E900 Pro

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Since they are not Bluetooth gaming headsets, there are no smart features to report, other than the software configuration for Virtual Surround 7.1 (PC only) which you can also do without if you are not an expert in calibration or equalization. In any case, the summary of the audio quality of the Eksa E900 Pro in review is that they can be heard clearly, they are clean listening and they hear us well on the microphone.

The title of the review itself is indicative: for those who are unpretentious, they will be pleasantly impressed, but even a medium-level gamer can have great satisfaction. Up PC probably better than on console, but on PS4 if they play well, good quality even from mobile. It should be noted that there is a button to activate or deactivate the microphone.

Here is the complete data sheet of the EasySMX V07W gaming headset:

  • sensitivity: 118dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz
  • 50mm dynamic drivers;
  • frequency range 20Hz-20KHz;
  • Virtual Surround 7.1;
  • microphone sensitivity: -42dB +/- 3dB;
  • impedance 32 Ω;

Selling price and conclusions - Eksa E900 Pro

A plus, really not from poco, is definitely the price of these Eksa gaming headphones in review. The E900Pro in fact on the official store they cost about 38€, but thanks to the discount code you find in the box below you can get a 15% discount, which lead us to certain conclusions. To be honest, at this price you don't find who knows what in terms of quality, but these headphones stand out for what they offer to the user who, being aware of how much he spends, will find himself a much more powerful product than you think. In short, we promote them without a doubt.


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review-eksa-e900-pro-gaming-headphones Mobile and console gaming is now in all homes due to its properties of being easily adaptable to any context. And with the growth of the sector, dedicated accessories have also increased in volume and quality. But for who is it ...