Dreame Bot L10 Pro review: it's (almost) the perfect robot vacuum cleaner

When, also thanks to its 3000 Pa, we crowned the Dream D9 as the best robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber of 2020, we were impressed by its quality. Well, a poco less than 4 months later the company tries again, and it does so by substantially improving one of the most appreciated features of the previous model: the Dream Bot L10 Pro it's official, and do you know what its biggest peculiarity is? A suction power of 4000 Pa.

And, mind you, 4000 Pa is a value that is very rare to find in such a device which, among other things, is also capable of washing and polishing floors, and is sold at an introductory price. di poco less than € 290 (via the coupon you find below). Too good to be true? We'll see.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro Review: It's almost the perfect vacuum robot

Package Contents

The packaging of the Dream Bot L10 Pro it is practically identical to that of the other products in this segment. Inside, in addition to the robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner, there are the side brush, the support for the mop, the charging base and a manual

Here, point by point, the contents of the package:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Side brush.
  • Power adapter.
  • Mop Racks.
  • Waterproof pad.
  • Manual.

Design and materials

From an aesthetic and material point of view, the Dream Bot L10 Pro does not stray very far from the typical characteristics of products born under the protective wing of Xiaomi. The appearance continues to be devoid of prominent elements and extremely clean, and the whole body is covered with a very solid black polycarbonate layer: this color, although it tends much less to get deeply dirty, however tends to highlight any dust and finger on the body, which will then be cleaned constantly.

There are three keys, and are positioned in the upper area of ​​the robot, under the body they are present two separate containers for dirt and water, the laser turret for LIDAR navigation is present at the top and the new High Precision 3D system has been positioned in the front part of the robot: it is an additional optical sensor capable of positioning, in a 3D environment, all any obstacles and objects in the environment where the vacuum cleaner will work.

The containers, on the other hand, are the same as we have seen in the Dreame D9: the container for the dust is good 570ml, while that for water is 270ml. Dimensions that have allowed me to clean at least 3 times the first floor of my home, which has an area of ​​about 70 square meters, although I continue to be of the idea that we should start working to find a solution that can make the container for liquids larger.

The shock absorbing band continues to be of excellent quality, and below there are the two brushes (the central one and the only lateral one, both made with an anti-tangle technology) and then the two wheels: they are very well bodied, able to slide very well even on the damp floor and of overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.

Suction power and cleaning quality – Dreame Bot L10 Pro

With its 4000 Pa, it would be strange that the cleaning performance was not the real strong point of the Dream Bot L10 Pro. Because there is no need to go around it: it is one of the most powerful automatic vacuum cleaners on the market. And despite the incredible suction power, it is also able to guarantee a rather low noise level: at maximum power, the Dream Bot L10 Pro emits a noise of 65 dB, and it is something not to be underestimated given (in fact) the suction power.

This kind of "magic" is possible thanks to a 4-stage cleaning systemi, able to easily capture dust, hair, pet hair and larger debris, assisted by a 5-layer noise reduction system, which also contained a layer made with sound-absorbing cotton which, we must admit, does its job very well.

And in short, from the point of view of aspiration there is poco to say: the Dream Bot L10 Pro really exceptional and it is able to cope not only with the dust, but also with the hair of my pets which, among other things, have never led to an obstruction of the suction cavity, nor of the brushes. From this point of view it is truly a marvel.

Good also the washing mode, which as usual is designed more to polish and disinfect surfaces than to remove stubborn stains. Too bad for the water container which, especially in large rooms, will have to be filled several times: in any case, the mode with water is able to totally eliminate that annoying dusty layer that is created on the floor and which, among the other things, it might tend to slip if you are not careful.

If you install the drawer with the container for the water, you can decide whether to vacuum and wash, or whether to disable the suction but and through the application it is possible exclude zones in the app for washing only (or for suction only), areas in which - for example - there may be carpets.

Control app

I have always thought that the Xiaomi Home app was the extra weapon of all the robot vacuum cleaners produced by satellite companies to the Chinese brand and with the Dream Bot L10 Pro things don't change. Even the brand new robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner is totally managed by the application of the Xiaomi ecosystem and takes advantage of all its functions and potential, except for integration with digital assistants: it will be that we received a pre-production sample for testing and that this is probably a feature that will come with an update early in sales, but I couldn't check the Dream Bot L10 Pro neither with Google Assistant nor with Alexa.

The management of maps and rooms, which are created completely independently, is identical to what we have seen in the other robotic vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners of the other Xiaomi brands: it will allow you to associate a name to each room, in order to facilitate cleaning in zones or in rooms, which can also be repeated twice consecutively by activating the function.

You can also activate the scheduled cleaning programs, each of which can be customized according to cleaning methods, areas to be cleaned and - clearly - at the time and it is possible to manage with extreme simplicity also the virtual walls and exclusion zones: in this way it will be possible to prevent the robot from cleaning beyond a certain border, or in a particular area of ​​the floor. And yes, the precision with which the vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi follows these directives is centimeter. Good job.

Also via the app, you can also control it state of wear of some of the components of the vacuum cleaner, such as the filter, brushes and so on, and you can choose between different cleaning and washing modes: the suction power and the amount of water sprayed on the floor can be set at different levels, or you can choose to start a deeper cleaning, with a double pass or with the Y pattern.

Battery life

Under the body, the Dream Bot L10 Pro it has the same 5200mAh battery that we have known with the D9. The reality of the facts, however, is that, given the greater power and the presence of an additional 3D environment mapping system, with the new robot vacuum cleaner the autonomy is slightly lower than the previous model.

Let me be clear, nothing particularly worrying: at maximum suction power and with the maximum amount of water sprayed on the floor, to clean an environment of about 70 square meters the Dream Bot L10 Pro consumed about 40% of the charge.

Which lets me assume that, despite the higher consumption, with a single recharge it is possible to clean an environment without problems close to 200 square meters. The only limit, in reality, is that relating to the water container: for large rooms, it may be necessary to fill it at least once.

Price and considerations - Xiaomi Dream Bot L10 Pro

The official selling price of the Dream Bot L10 Pro is $ 549, but via our coupon (valid from 8 May at 19pm to 11 May at 8:59 am) you could buy it at a discount for the introductory offer at 349.49 dollars which, at the current exchange rate, correspond to about 290 euros. And at this price, it's absolutely a best-buy. There is poco to do.

Un robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners for less than 300 euros, with this quality and this potency it is a bargain. Of course it is not yet a perfect product, but total perfection is just a utopia: it is very powerful, it has a good navigation system (which, however, sometimes takes a few short breaks), it sucks and washes, and it is also silent.

Even if the water tank is slightly larger than average, in my opinion it continues to have too small a capacity for this type of device: if it had been at least 300 ml, the Dream Bot L10 Pro it would have been practically perfect.

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Buy the new Dreame Bot L10 Pro at a discount with our coupon! Promotion is valid from 8 May at 19pm to 11 May at 8:59 am

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