Strolling with the Dohiker electric bike on offer from Europe

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When we think of electric bikes, a sportier, more “street” style immediately comes to mind. But there are also so-called "walking" models, such as the Dohiker electric bike 20F054, in lightning offer su GearBest with shipping from Europe.

Dohiker 20F054: the electric walking bike is on offer from Europe

dohiker discount code 20f054 coupon offer electric walking bike 2

Taking a look at the design, we realize that it differs enough from the more well-known eBikes that have a more sporty appeal. This is because the central structure is more curved and lower, with a higher handlebar and also a convenient luggage rack at the rear. As for the features, we have a 250W, a battery from 10 Ah, which together guarantee an autonomy of approx 50-55 km.

The maximum speed is 25 km/h, while the transmission is a 7 marches. The pedaling modes are 3. There are front and rear brakes, one LED light for night walks and is also foldable. Not missing a good one IP54 certification, while the maximum weight capacity is approx 120 kg. wheels have a diagonal from 20 ".

La electric walking bike Dohiker 20F054 is currently on flash offer GearBest, with the link to the purchase that you find below, to which the convenience must be added shipping from Europe.

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