The Xiaomi XQIAO OVICX Q2S treadmill is back on offer for less than € 470 from Italy

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In the last two years there has been an explosion of home-made fitness but especially smart. And this involves the treadmill smart, which thanks to some partners of Xiaomi have definitely taken off, like theXQIAO OVICX Q2S, which comes back in offering su Geekbuying with discount code e shipping from Italy.

XQIAO OVICX Q2S: the Xiaomi smart treadmill is on offer with discount code on Geekbuying

xqiao xiaomi treadmill discount code

Looking at the design, it obviously takes up what are the products of the same category, but it stands out for a more sporty and decisive soul, with metallic colors. However, its characteristics mean that theOVICX Q2S is a respectable product. Starting from the maximum speed up to 10 km/h, but also a large platform from 43 x 110 cm non-slip, as well as a protection system Silkworm Shock. The speed is automatically adjustable, according to the required training mode.

Additionally, there are two ways to track all activity with it Xiaomi XQIAO OVICX Q2S: one with LED display, the other through the dedicated app Fitshow. The maximum capacity of the treadmill is 100 kg, that to be Ultra-thin it's really good. Furthermore, its compactness allows it to be stored without stress and also vertically, not taking up space.

Find the XQIAO OVICX Q2S smart treadmill, of the group Xiaomi YouPin, on offer on Geekbuying at the price of 464 €, Thanks to Dedicated coupon and a very comfortable one free shipping from Italy.

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XQIAO OVICX Q2S | Geekbuying
464 €
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