The N4 scooter whizzes for less than € 300 from Europe

discount code n4 offer coupon folding electric scooter

The electric scooter, without a doubt, is the most popular vehicle of the last two years. But not all of them cost affordable figures, so a Segway folding such as'N4, in offering su Geekbuying at a very attractive price thanks to the discount code dedicated and the free shipping from Europe.

N4: the folding electric scooter is on offer with a discount code on Geekbuying

discount code n4 offer coupon folding electric scooter 2

The structure of the scooter N4 somewhat reminiscent of that of Ninebot, but still has its own identity, with the red trim. The metal structure is however very light and well made. Moving on to the specifications, we have an engine from 300W, which thanks to the battery from 6 Ah allows to obtain autonomy from 20 km. The maximum speed is 25 km/h. THE'inclination maximum achievable is 12 °.

The wheels have a diagonal from 8.5 ", also equipped with shock absorptionwhile still allowing a comfortable ride. Present a rear brake. There is also a OLED display which monitors the speed and there is also a front spotlight. The convenience of this scooter is represented precisely by the fact that it is folding and therefore easily transportable.

Il folding electric scooter N4 it is therefore on offer on the store Geekbuying excellent price di 280.49 €, obtainable thanks to discount code dedicated. In addition, we remind you that it uses the excellent free shipping from Europe.

N4 | Foldable Electric Scooter | Geekbuying
280.49 €
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