Ninebot: here are the new and powerful N series electric scooters

xiaomi ninebot electric scooters n70c n90 n100 price

One of Xiaomi's most popular partners is Ninebot, thanks above all to its electric mobility devices. And the latest addition is a series of electric scooters, called Ninebot N70C, N90 e N100 which rises in quality and of course price.

Ninebot N70C, N90 and N100: all about the new electric scooters of the Xiaomi partner

xiaomi ninebot electric scooters n70c n90 n100 price 2

The design does not differ much from the latest scooters, especially Ninebot, but they are getting closer and closer to petrol ones. Even in their characteristics, however, they seem to be very powerful. Starting from the model N70C, with a battery from 60V, the same has a self-developed battery management by the brand, among other things it guarantees up to 70 km autonomy. In addition, the engine has an output of 1.500, so really powerful. Also present front disc brake and rear drum brake, energy recovery system EAB extension, as well as headlights Sensitive LEDs to light with a distance of up to 25 meters.

Let's level up then with the Ninebot N90, which gets an engine from 1.800, therefore with a longer range up to 85 km, using a lithium battery ATL, therefore lighter. Although very similar to the Ninebot N70C, the price is obviously higher. Finally, the top of the range is undoubtedly Ninebot N100, which adds an engine from 2.200 and autonomy up to 105 km, therefore with a much higher price than the other two. Furthermore, everything is managed by the AI RideyGo 2.0 technology from which various operations can be carried out using a dedicated application.

Speaking of the price, the Ninebot N70C it costs about €389 (2.999 yuan), while N90 e N100 they have a completely different range of competence and rise to €843 about (6.499 yuan) and about €908 (6.999 yuan). Unlike what happens for the scooters, Xiaomi has not yet imported Ninebot's scooters, so for the moment they could remain relegated to the only one China.

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