Willful T7 review: these bluetooth headphones are worth trying!

How much it is Bluetooth headphones do you have at home? Most likely more than a couple, for several reasons. Some users, in fact, have purchased several similar products to test their qualities or, more simply, to find the device that suits them. Taking a look on Amazon, but not only, there is now spoiled for choice in this area, since practically all the various price ranges have been covered. What to say, then, of these new ones Willful T7? Will they have satisfied us? I don't want to answer you right away, but I can tell you that you may be more than satisfied with it. Let's go and discover them together, within ours Full review.

Willful T7 review


From the sales package we have no way of understanding what may be inside. Many competing manufacturers, in fact, reveal the product by showing an image on the front, but in this case there is no trace. Within this box, therefore, we find:

  • Willful T7;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • charging case;
  • spare rubber pads (2 pairs);
  • warranty certificate;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

I am aware that this brand says absolutely nothing to many, but it might surprise you. Beyond all the possible prejudices that could arise from giving it a first look, this product hides much more than what it actually shows. From an aesthetic point of view, however, we do not actually find anything so particular compared to other competing devices. We are therefore dealing with a case in plastic with unspecified dimensions. I can assure you, however, that they fit comfortably in any trouser pocket or jacket. It is perhaps not necessary to specify this but, of course, the case is not as small as that of Apple's AirPods.

willful t7

Taking a closer look at the case (weight of 54 grams, including earphones), we notice the presence of ben 4 white LEDs on the front that indicate the charging status of the earphones. In addition to the classic shell opening, there is also an entrance on the back USB Type-C which can be used to recharge the product itself. Beyond these aspects, therefore, in daily use I was only half satisfied with this component. First of all, in fact, this is apparently made of a plastic poco resistant and certainly very slippery. Second important point, then, is the ease of opening with one hand which, as far as I'm concerned, I find very bad.

The official measurements of the two earphones are not shown, but comparing them with the Huawei FreedBuds Lite turn out to be quite similar. Even in this case, however, the quality of the plastic is identical to that of the custody, an aspect that did not impress me from the first moment. Not because these headphones are uncomfortable, but simply because they do not return that sense of solidity that I would have expected to find on a product of this type. They cost pocoTrue, but other competing brands still managed to do slightly better. Beyond these aspects, finally, these earphones are characterized by the presence of one tactile surface, on the top, of a microphone lower and various magnetic pins useful for recharging.

Connectivity & Software

Willful T7 are equipped with connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, which in theory should guarantee a decent coverage, connecting to our smartphone at a maximum distance of about 10 meters. I must say, however, that while leaving the phone on the desk, I did not notice any particular problems going from one room to another in the house. In this respect, therefore, they are promoted. It was not difficult, then, to connect them to the smartphone, since also in this case the pairing it's always pretty quick. As on many other competing models, however, at least initially it will be necessary to access the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone to configure the earphones. After these operations, it will no longer be necessary to proceed in this way.

There is no application that can interface with this pair of Bluetooth headsets. Therefore, it is not possible to manage any parameters on the audio side, but not only. On the upper part of these earphones, in fact, there is a tactile surface that allows us to interact with the headphones by means of classic gesture. By clicking on the right / left headphone you can put in Play / Pause the piece of music. By holding down, on the other hand, on the right earphone, you switch to next song, while with a long press on the left one activates the previous song. Then, while listening with headphones, a voice call may arrive, so to answer it you need to make a single tap on the right / left earphone. To reject the call, however, just double tap on one of the two headphones.

Analyzing the functioning of these Willful T7 in daily use I noticed some details. Playing on Call of Duty Mobile, for example, there is a rather high latency, of poco less than a second, which does not allow you to fully enjoy such a video game. There is no setting that you can change to make these response times go down, and that's a real disappointment. With movies, videos on YouTube o Netflix the latency is much less evident, therefore there will be no major criticalities in the use of such contents.


Here surely the Willful T7 will surprise you. I have to be honest, but it had been a while since I tried a couple of low-cost earphones with this audio quality. Also thanks to their in-ear design, in fact, they adapt perfectly to the ear, entering well into the ear and creating that noise reduction effect typical of these headphones. You feel very isolated and this is an aspect that should not be underestimated, while remaining very subjective. For example, in my case it was not necessary to replace the two rubber pads, but that does not mean that it should have the same fate for you. I remind you, in fact, that two other pairs of spare rubber pads, of different sizes, have been included in the package.

willful t7

As previously mentioned, the sound quality of these earphones particularly won me over. I tell you, in fact, that all the various frequencies are well reproduced and there is no fondness for the high tones. Here, moreover, the basses are heard in a rather distinct way, even if these are not so marked as to become invalidating. In short, the audio is quite balanced, especially in the face of the price of the device which is quite low. In spite of everything, however, the compatible codecs are only SBC e AAC.

These Willful T7 are very comfortable, so much so that even on call they are quite comfortable. Unfortunately, however, the quality in call it is not great, despite both earphones being characterized by the presence of a microphone on the bottom. Compared to the price necessary to take this pair of earphones home, however, the performance is not insufficient.


Every single headset integrates a battery from 40 mAh, while the charging case is equipped with a 500 mAh unit. With a single charge, therefore, the earphones do not exceed 4 hours and 30 minutes of autonomy. I remind you, however, that this data is rather random and depends, among other things, on the volume set. We are not talking about amazing data but, nevertheless, good enough.

Price & Conclusions

These Willful T7 are currently on Amazon at the price of 29,99 €. Obviously we are talking about a rather low figure, which competes with many different devices. Despite this, however, they manage to win in several respects.

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Willful T7 - ​​Amazon

With these Willful T7 you can listen to all your favorite music, with so much quality. Buy them now on Amazon!

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29,99 €

With these earphones, you can enjoy slightly higher than average audio quality. As mentioned also during the review phase, in fact, I have not often noticed such a full-bodied sound with other low-cost headphones. If we add to this the decent quality of voice calls, that's it. There is no doubt, however, that the materials could also have been better or, in any case, more resistant. After several days of use the case has not reported any damage, but in the hand it does not return a good feeling of solidity. And the same goes for the individual earphones.

Don't want to spend a lot and don't know which earphones to buy? I recommend you try these Willful T7s!

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