Tineco A11 Hero review: powerful, with TWO BATTERIES (and on discount)

The reality of the facts is that in recent years the world of cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaners has changed a lot. Ok, Dyson has opened the dance, but since the spread of these particular vacuum cleaners, many Chinese companies have rode the wave by producing models that, in some cases, are able to compete with the most famous English company. Small, compact and powerful, the wireless vacuum cleaner are now taking the place of traditional products with cable, but if for the latter the choice was made substantially by evaluating the suction power, in the case of wireless vacuum cleaners the factors to be taken into consideration are different.

Then there is another thing to consider: the speed of evolution of these particular vacuum cleaners is on par (if not greater) than what we have learned to accept in the world of smartphones. And one of the companies in the sector that updates their products faster is Tineco, which we saw a few months ago with the review of its A10 Hero, and that we find today theA11 Hero: the evolution of the previous generation, which in fact has been improved in some details but which continues to bring with it many of the features we have already appreciated. Including the extremely cheap price: at the time of the review it is possible to buy the Tineco A11 Hero at a discount on Amazon, saving an additional 15% via the link below.

Tineco A11 Hero review: small, powerful (and on sale)

Package Contents

As in the other models of the company, the packaging of the Tineco A11 Hero it is very minimal and made with a very simple hardcover, on which monochrome images are printed. Also included in the new model are various accessories, with which you can use the vacuum cleaner on different occasions.

Inside the package there are the following accessories:

  • Cyclonic vacuum cleaner.
  • 2 removable batteries.
  • Charging station.
  • Spout brush up.
  • Brush with circular head.
  • Motorized brush.
  • Anti-mite brush.
  • Extra-Vortex filter.

Design and materials

Compared to the previous generation, the design of the Tineco A11 Hero it's totally different. Not so much in terms of shapes or materials, but because of the fact that the entire body of the cyclonic cordless vacuum cleaner is totally transparent. Which gives a beautiful effect when unpacked, but makes cleaning even more complicated: don't get me wrong, all the components of the Tineco A11 Hero they are easily removable and washable, but the presence of a totally transparent body makes the dirt inside it much more visible, including small grains of dust or hair that - let's be honest - it is practically impossible to totally eliminate from the vacuum cleaner after using it .

The aspect continues to have that I don't know what of vintage, and excellent quality materials continue to be present both as regards the central body of the vacuum cleaner, and as regards all the accessories: practically everything is very resistant to scratches and bumps, and it is a feature that should not be underestimated especially in this particular type of product.

The imputnatura is also very pleasant pistol, which continues to facilitate use with one hand and which is always very comfortable also due to the rather low weight and the rotation of the motorized brushes that will facilitate the sliding of the vacuum cleaner on the floor. The larger motorized brush, then, it also integrates five leds designed to illuminate the area being cleaned.

Compared to the previous generation the dirt container also changes, which goes from 0.4 liters to 0.6 liters, becoming more capacious and reducing the need for emptying after use. In any case, the opening for emptying is between more comfortable on the market and is designed to avoid getting your hands dirty during cleaning.

Technical characteristics - Tineco A11 Hero

  • Motor: brushless, 450W.
  • Battery: 2000 mAh removable lithium.
  • Autonomy: Up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.
  • utilization: Wireless - Cordless, removable extension.
  • Maximum noise: 86 decibels (86 dB).
  • Dust container capacity: 0.60 liters.
  • Filtration system: 4-stage, completely sealed
  • Operating mode: continuous, power adjustable.

Suction power and comfort

Compared to the H10 series, the Tineco A11 Hero integrates a more powerful engine. To animate the wireless cyclonic vacuum cleaner is a 350w brushless motor, able to guarantee a cyclonic suction power of 120W. In short, in terms of power, the leap forward has been made, even if it is important to underline that the new Tineco electric broom has become slightly noisier than the previous generation (but, ok, with a more powerful motor it is normal that the noise).

We therefore lose that feeling of "undersizing" that we found in the H10, in favor of a suction power much more in line with all the other competitors on the market that makes the Tineco A11 Hero a vacuum cleaner that can clean even the heaviest dirt without any problem. The suction modes are the usual three, and I personally recommend using this vacuum cleaner always using the medium mode, with which a good balance in terms of power and battery life will be exploited. It is clear, however, that if the dirt is more rooted, the Max mode is the most suitable, even if in this case the battery life decreases a lot (and here, the two batteries included in the package come into play, which double the time. use of the electric broom).

Either way, the Tineco A11 Hero It goes without saying that it is a marvel especially with the motorized broom that integrates a rotating brush capable of capturing even the finest dust, leaving no trace of it. With my usual tests using flour, coffee and brown sugar, I obtained excellent results and the high torque of the brush also made it possible to vacuum animal hair, which is eliminated without any problem even on parquet and carpet (and sofas).

Furthermore, those of Tineco have thought of a solution that (albeit mechanically) allows you to use the electric broom without necessarily having to pull the trigger: poco in front of the power button there is a lever which, if pulled inwards, will press the button autonomously and will allow you to use the vacuum cleaner more comfortably.

Tineco is also one of the very few companies to include an accessory in the package with which the problem related to the decrease in suction power can be solved: it is a pre-filter cleaning tool with which, occasionally, you can also clean this very important component of the vacuum cleaner. very simple: it will be enough to extract it from the body, replace it with a new one and in the meantime insert the old one into the tool. At that point connect the latter to the central unit, turn it on in Max mode, turn the side cover and you're done.

Using it really is very simple: it will be enough to extract it from the body, replace it with a new one and in the meantime insert the old one into the tool. At that point connect the latter to the central unit, turn it on in Max mode, turn the side cover and you're done.

Battery life

The battery used in the Tineco A11 Hero is the usual 2000 mAh capable of guaranteeing 25 minutes of suction at minimum power and about 10 minutes of suction in Max mode. An average autonomy, which however in this particular model is totally doubled thanks to the presence of two batteries in the package that lead to a total of 50 minutes of suction at minimum power, and 20 minutes of operation at maximum power.

And it is in the recharge that those of Tineco they proved to be up to par of the market in which your products are placed: in the upper part of the wall base, in which the vacuum cleaner is stored for recharging, there is a housing in which a recharging battery can be inserted individually. In a nutshell, you can recharge the second battery supplied in a way totally autonomous from the vacuum cleaner, and it's a godsend: in this way, while using one battery, the other can be recharged.

Price and considerations - Tineco A11 Hero

The official price of the Tineco A11 Hero is 299,00 euros, but through the link you find below you can buy it on Amazon with a 15% discount (for a limited period), thus paying 254,15 euros. And let's face it, for a cordless cyclonic vacuum cleaner with this power and these supplied accessories, it's a really low figure.

Because in addition to pure power, you have to evaluate the discount price especially considering the excellent accessories included in the package and the presence of two rechargeable batteries which, in fact, double the time of use and autonomy. And then, the possibility of recharging the second battery supplied in a totally autonomous way from the vacuum cleaner, it's really brilliant.

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