Review POCO X3 Pro: a step forward, also thanks to the Snapdragon 860

poco x3 pro

Digging a little inside our site you will surely find a rather positive review on a particular product. It hasn't even been out on the market for too long, even if at present only 6 months, for example, make a difference in this sector. What I'm talking about is POCO X3NFC, which many of you have probably also purchased over the past few months. That device, in spite of expectations, managed to make us fall in love with the company even more than before, given that in many respects it was able to guarantee reliability and excellent performance. What, then, to expect from his successor? I don't know if it would have been possible to predict it, but the first thing that catches the eye by viewing the technical data sheet of this POCO X3 Pro is the presence of a new SoC. Therefore, the brand has opted for an important change in this respect, thus deciding to bring the device even closer to a higher end. With the Snapdragon 860, in fact, this type of reasoning is inevitable. What will have changed, however, compared to the past? We explain it to you better in this one Full review.

Review POCO X3 Pro


Taking a look at the sales package we always find the same type of design, now famous for this brand. We also know how the company is careful from this point of view, generally providing a number of accessories that are more than congruous with the characteristics of the product. Within this packaging, therefore, we find:

  • POCO X3Pro;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for device charging and data transfer;
  • headphone adapter, with 3,5mm audio jack;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot;
  • transparent soft silicone cover;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

I don't want to sound too hasty, but from a design point of view it doesn't change anything compared to its predecessor. As in that case, therefore, here we have a really well made body, which in addition to the brand logo also shows a central texture that almost simulates carbon fiber. I had so much appreciated this choice and I repeat once again the goodness of this aspect, making it perhaps one of the most original smartphones in this respect. Then we have the photographic sector placed higher up, which once again proposes these square shapes that certainly do not make it go unnoticed. Even in terms of size and weight we find no differences with X3 NFC, measuring 165,3 x 76,8 x 9.4 mm, With a weight of 215 grams. Not the most pocket-sized smartphone among those on the market, but certainly valid from the point of view of assembly and build quality. In fact, I must say that Xiaomi has improved a lot in this area in recent years and this is also reflected in all the other brands in the group.

poco x3 pro

We have seen how attention to detail is always at the center of this phone, which still continues to be equipped with a respectable connectivity sector. Here too, therefore, we find on the right the volume rocker and the on / off button that integrates a fingerprint sensor, which we will see in poco. On the left, however, we have the SIM slot where you can insert well two nanoSIM or, alternatively, a nanoSIM and a microSD. Here, therefore, it is possible to expand the memory up, theoretically, to 1 terabyte, even if we can probably only reach up to 256GB. However, I am not sure. Taking a look at the bottom, we also find the mini jack hole for the headphones, the main microphone, the input USB Type-C and system speaker. On the top we have the IR sensor, secondary microphone and the second speaker. Many of you, then, would have done without it but, unfortunately, the thin plastic strip that divides the aluminum frame from the front glass has not been eliminated, a feature that just can't seem to fit me.

According to the specifications indicated on the official website, a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on the front. I remind you how the previous version is present on X3 NFC. If that's not enough, then, the smartphone also has certification IP53 which therefore protects it from splashing water. Do not immerse it, therefore, because you may not be able to save it.

Unlocking Systems

You would never have said that POCO X3 and POCO Would X3 Pro have the same number of unlocking systems in common? Most likely the answer is yes, since this device is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor integrated in the on / off button. I don't really know if this is identical to the one mounted on the previous version, but I must say that the performances are very similar, perhaps playing it practically on par. In this respect, therefore, I praised that module and I can only do otherwise in this case as well, since it turns out to be quite precise and reactive in every situation.

You are surely wondering, and I have to confirm it: the facial recognition 2D, via the selfie camera. As always, however, I do not recommend its use for safety reasons, but not only. During the day there are no problems in unlocking, recognizing our face 9 times out of 10. When the light goes down, however, the reliability is significantly reduced and everything becomes slower and more cumbersome.


I should copy / paste what is written in the X3 NFC review, there are so many things in common at the display level. So, on that phone we have a unit IPS LCD da 6,67" with resolution FHD + (2.400 x 1.080 pixels), form factor in 20:9, density of 395ppi and brightness of 450 nits. There is also a refresh rate equal to 120Hz, as well as the sample rate of the touchscreen which in this case goes up to 240Hz. I must say, therefore, that the whole system benefits from it, so much so that it seems much more fluid and snappy in almost every phase. I would tell you a lie if I didn't confirm that moving around the interface is pure pleasure. Obviously, then, among other things, there is no lack of support for the HDR10, the certification TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light and certification Widevine of type L1. This means, therefore, that on Netflix, as well as on other video streaming platforms, it is possible to view all the contents on the screen at the maximum possible resolution.

poco x3 pro

Obviously I would have preferred an AMOLED panel this time, but we must also consider that at the price level we have not gone up much with this X3 Pro. Here, therefore, the whites tend slightly to the hen and the blacks, as on all the other IPS, are really poco deep. Pay attention only to one aspect: many of you will have noticed the presence, around the selfie camera, of a slight black halo. This phenomenon, defined light bleeding, it is absolutely normal on products of this type and derives from the nature of the display itself. So don't worry when you should notice this feature on your smartphone.

As on the X3 NFC, also in this case the brightness sensor automatic did not show any problems. Both in the darkest places, and in those irradiated with light, the adjustment is always quite good, also being fast.

Hardware & Performance

As mentioned at the beginning, there has been a qualitative leap from a technical point of view with this new one POCO X3 Pro. From a Snapdragon 732G of the past edition we passed, therefore, to one Snapdragon 860, therefore an octa-core CPU that boasts a maximum clock frequency at 2.96 GHz, well 6GB of RAM LPDDR4X e 128GB of internal memory, of type UFS 3.1. Therefore, a big leap forward in this respect, integrating a much more performing storage. I remind you, in any case, how the 8/256 GB version is available for sale.

It is not easy to quantify in words the step forward from the point of view of performance, because certainly POCO X3 does not look bad at present. I must say, however, that with the Snap 860 you are really in an iron barrel, managing multitasking better and being able to enjoy a much higher system reactivity. The high refresh rate and high sample rate certainly help too, but I think things would have changed poco even in the case of lower values ​​in this area. Net of all this, therefore, I have not recorded any critical issues in these days of testing with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, email management and much more. All the applications we usually use the most during the day are fast in initial loading and show smooth navigation. Therefore, it is difficult to run into a freezer or sudden system crashes in daily use.

Maybe I repeat it too often, but now some of the biggest differences between the various smartphones can be seen right in the gaming phase. Here, thanks to Adreno GPU 640, it is not science fiction to be able to play smoothly on Call of Duty Mobile during a ranked match. It is one of the games that most exploit the potential of the phone and that put a strain on different sectors within it. After tens of minutes of gaming, then, the device heats slightly only in the upper part of the body, reaching a level of heat that is never worrying. I must say, therefore, that the liquid cooling system (LiquidCool 1.0 Plus) is promoted.



MIUI for POCO, a slogan that already says it all about the software mounted inside that product. This, in fact, means that the device mounts a further customization of the MIUI 12 of Xiaomi which, in several respects, is perhaps even better than the original edition. In the sense that, however, some choices are really brilliant, such as the management of the various apps inside the drawer, which makes everything more intuitive. In any case, it is something very subjective that I realize cannot please everyone. Do not despair, however, because you will find all the various system apps that you have been used to seeing on Xiaomi smartphones, without too many differences.

Do you want to download some third party applications? Obviously you can do it through the Google Play Store which, fortunately, we still find here. We hope, in fact, that Xiaomi will be able to evade the fate of Huawei a few years ago.


Where you notice the biggest differences compared to X3 NFC, perhaps, it is precisely with regard to the photographic sector. Here, in fact, the company has opted for an apparently less performing solution, introducing a main sensor from 48 MP with opening f / 1.79, A goal wide-angle lens da 8 MP with opening f / 2.2 e FOV of 119 °, a sensor for the macro da 2 MP and a further goal from 2 MP mainly used for the depth of field calculation.

On the previous model there was space for a 64 MP sensor, but I must say that in this case the difference is not noticeable. Indeed, in terms of quality, perhaps we are slightly biased in favor of POCO X3 Pro, since here the daytime images they turn out to be better managed in terms of lighting, even in the most difficult conditions. We are talking, however, of minimal differences between one smartphone and another, so much so that we hardly feel the transition to the new model. We always have warm tones and a wide-angle sensor that in low light conditions cannot exceed full sufficiency. Nothing to say, then, about macro and depth sensor which, even on this smartphone, I find almost superfluous.

At night you have to commend the presentation of the Night Mode, which in any case always saves the situation by better managing lights and contrast. With the standard mode, in fact, the quality is rather mediocre, even if in the end in line with the products sold in the same price range. You will have to deal, therefore, with a rather pronounced photographic noise and an attention to detail that is not quite up to the situation. He could have done something more POCO in this respect? Maybe yes.

Frontally resides a selfie camera da 20MP, with aperture f / 2.2, which I think is identical to the one mounted on X3 NFC. During the day, therefore, the photos are absolutely valid, even for normal sharing on social media, while in the evening a few more details are inevitably lost. Even in this case, however, I don't feel like criticizing it too much, remaining in line with what is offered by competing products.


Videos can be recorded in 4K a 30fps, as well as in 1080p a 60fps. I assure you that in this second case the performance is much better, with greater image stability and a discrete autofocus, which does not show too many criticalities. It is not always lightning fast, but it returns good accuracy.

Audio & Connectivity

By now you will have understood it, but there are many similarities with POCO X3 NFC, therefore the first version of this X3 series. Also on this new smartphone, therefore, we find a module Wi-Fi 5 with good performance, an LTE network that allows you to travel in 4G + without too many problems, the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou,NFC and the audio jack. Here, however, unlike the X3 we find the Bluetooth 5.0, and not version 5.1, a minimal variation but which must be reported anyway. I must say, in any case, that I was not at all bad with all these components, obtaining good performance both at home and outside.

On board this smartphone they find their seat well two speakers stereo that offer good sound quality. Although the bass is not too present, in fact, the sound is full-bodied and quite deep. In case you want to enjoy better audio, however, you can take advantage of your favorite wired earphones by connecting them directly to the 3,5 mm audio jack. With the headset, then, I did not encounter any problems during the call, always managing to converse satisfactorily with my interlocutor, even in the slightly noisier points. The sound here is just a little tinny, but nothing to stop you from carrying out your phone calls.


Under the body there is a space battery da 5.160 mAh, therefore what is necessary to take you until the evening without problems. During my stressful day, with several cell changes, the use of different emails, watching some videos on YouTube, a few tens of minutes of gaming, the use of Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and poco other, I managed to easily overcome the 6 hours of screen on with more than 15 hours of continuous use with still a good percentage of remaining charge. In short, arriving until the next day is not a utopia.

In the event that yours POCO download, you can rely on33W power supply present in the package, which allows you to recharge your smartphone in just 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Price & Conclusions

In the 6/128 GB variant this POCO X3 Pro is sold on the official website for € 249,90, while we are around € 299,90 for the 8/256 GB model. Until March 29, however, the devices will be offered in the launch offer at 199,90 euro and 249,90 EUR. Currently, however, there is a very interesting offer of gobo e Amazon which practically matches this offer and which we leave you, of course, below.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.


Finally the new one has arrived POCO X3 Pro on AliExpress. Buy it now with our coupon!

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POCO X3 Pro is the new mid-range device of the Chinese brand, with screaming features! Buy it now with our exclusive coupon.

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We are in the presence of a rather complete device, which from many points of view has made a few steps forward compared to X3 NFC. In addition to the new SoC, therefore, we also find a renewed photographic sector which, on the software side, has improved. It is probably not at the level of its other competitors, even if for less than 200 euros it is difficult, among the recently released smartphones, to see better performance than these. I believe that POCO X3 Pro is suitable for almost any type of user, even the most demanding in terms of performance. Everything turns out to be fluid and snappy, showing little indecision. If you are looking for a balanced smartphone, which will certainly improve in the future, this could be the right time for you.

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