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blackview tab8

What are you looking for in a tablets? What do you need it for? How much are you willing to spend on such a product? These are just some of the questions that often come up when preparing to buy such a device. Very often, in fact, it is thought that it is necessary to spend crazy amounts for a good device, and in fact it is just like that. Not everyone, however, demands a certain type of performance. Those who own a tablet, therefore, generally delight in watching some TV series, in managing Excel and Word files, in a few hours of gaming and poco other. Sometimes, therefore, all this is made possible even by products that are much cheaper than those that can be found in the stores of Samsung, Huawei and Apple. I am referring mainly to Chinese manufacturers and, in this specific case, to Blackview. In fact, we got to try the new one Blackview Tab8, a low-end tablet that from many points of view could satisfy the curiosity of many people. I do not want to spoil anything, however, on this terminal, so stay tuned to ours Full review to know more.

Blackview Tab8 review


As usual, Blackview offers a classic white box showing only the company name on the front. No clue, therefore, about the product design. From a certain point of view, however, the brand did not want to save on accessories, given that inside the sales package we find:

  • Blackview Tab8;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging and data sharing;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • wired headphones, not in-ear;
  • USB Type-C / USB-A female adapter;
  • plastic cover, with magnetic closure;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot.

Design & Materials

Tab8 is a rather minimal device, which focuses on essentiality. In terms of design, therefore, there is really nothing particular that distinguishes it from its direct rivals, showing a rear body in aluminum and a side frame completely in plastic. I believe that the company has opted for the latter option mainly for one reason: here, in fact, 4G connectivity is also present, so Blackview has decided to propose plastic edges to try not to hinder the reception of the signal too much. We will see only later, however, if we have succeeded properly. Beyond this aspect, however, we are not faced with one of the most bulky devices, even in the face of its 10,1 ″ diagonal display. It could certainly have been slimmer and lighter, but unfortunately the side bezels are quite marked. In terms of dimensions, however, this tablet measures 243,6 x 162,4 x 8,9 mm, with a weight of well 600 grams. Not exactly a featherweight, therefore, also considering that with the external keyboard (sold separately) this value increases by at least another 100 grams.

blackview tab8

Looking at it more closely, this Blackview Tab 8 in Silver Gray version shows several ports related to connectivity. Let's see, therefore, how on the upper part there are lo SIM slot and audio jack from 3,5mm, while on the left reside the On / off button, volume balance, main microphone and admission USB Type-C. At the front, however, in addition to the display we also have a 5 MP camera, which is paired with the 13 MP rear camera on the back. The latter, however, did not convince me mainly for an aspect related to the design, because in my opinion it protrudes too much from the profile of the device. To this, however, there is also a single LED flash in place poco lower.

We have tried several in the last period and this is definitely not the most manageable tablet ever. Let's say that it is in the average of the terminals present in its same price range.

Keyboard and TouchPad

Taking a look at the product, below we notice the presence of two speakers and some magnetic pins placed centrally. The latter are used to connect the keyboard to the tablet, thus simulating a real laptop. Therefore, I immediately enter into the merits of this component which, fortunately, we have had the opportunity to try. You will also have the opportunity not to buy it of course, but in case you do some more particular work I recommend using it. I must say, in fact, that compared to many other similar products distributed by other companies, this one offers good feedback. There is no backlight whatsoever and the keys are perhaps slightly too small for medium-sized hands, but the travel of the keys is quite good and convincing.

blackview tab8

The accuracy of the touchpad, with which, however, it is possible to navigate in a fairly easy way on the net and within the individual programs. This also has a very soft rubberized finish to the touch, as well as a foldable part on the back that allows you to keep the tablet in place on almost any surface. Although plastic is the absolute protagonist of this accessory, it did not give me back bad sensations: it is a good keyboard, suitable for such a device. Furthermore, thanks to this keyboard, the tablet is protected from any external agent and the display does not risk being accidentally streaked. With the magnetic closure, in fact, there is almost no danger.


At the display level on this Blackview Tab8 there is room for one unit IPS LCD da 10,1" with resolution Full HD (1.920 x 1.200 pixels) and a density of 225 PPI. Unfortunately, there is no other information on the official website. Despite this, however, I can tell you that the rendering is quite good, with vivid colors and sufficient contrasts. Obviously the definition is poor, as the pixels are easily visible, but it is absolutely normal on such a product. In short, I would not have expected anything better. What I would have liked to find, instead, is a brightness sensor automatic which in rather difficult conditions could have come in handy. It must also be said, however, that the maximum brightness of the panel is not all that great, so in direct sunlight you may have some problems viewing all the contents on the screen.

Absolutely rejected the frontal oleophobic treatment, which is probably missing. After a few minutes, in fact, the glass inevitably fills with fingerprints. Despite this, the touch screen it responds well in any situation, showing good reactivity. You notice some stumbling blocks during writing, especially in the most excited phases, but this problem is solved with the purchase of the Blackview external keyboard sold separately.

Hardware & Performance

Some models, very often the cheaper ones, prefer to rely on Unisoc solutions. Reason why, therefore, on Tab8 we find a chipset Unisoc SC9863A, with an octa-core CPU as follows: 4 x 55GHz ARM Cortex-A1,2 + 4 x 55GHz ARM Cortex-A1,6. To accompany this solution, then, we find 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4X e 64 GB of internal memory, of the eMMC type. What is also very convenient is the presence of a slot for the expansion of this component, being able to install a microSD up to 128 GB.

Do not expect noteworthy performance, not on a product of this type which costs around 150 euros. Tab8, therefore, is also perfectly suited for a boost in web browsing and for the use of various entertainment apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, however, the certification Widevine of type L3 excludes it from the highest possible quality. Up Netflixfor example, you will not be able to go beyond SD quality. As I always say, however, on devices of this type I personally accept this compromise willingly, since the loss of quality is not so evident. It becomes quite pleasant, therefore, to watch TV series, movies and videos on Blackview Tab8, even on YouTube. It is unwise, however, to put too much stress on it, since the 4GB of RAM cannot keep a good number of applications in memory. Very often, therefore, the reopening of a program opened a few minutes before, there is a reloading of the same. Despite this, on all apps for managing text documents, as well as presentations and tables, this device does not suffer from any major problems. Also because by combining it with the keyboard everything becomes easier, especially during the writing phase.

All the graphic part is managed by one PowerVR GE8322 GPU, therefore a unit that can satisfactorily support only lighter games. With Asphalt 9, in fact, the real limits of this component come out, showing a rather unstable frame-rate and insufficient visual quality. In short, it is not a product designed for gaming, especially with video games that require something more in terms of performance. Despite everything, however, the tablet never heats up particularly on the back, even after tens of minutes of intense use.



Here it was installed Android 10 with the security patches of April 2020. We are therefore not facing a very up-to-date system in this respect, and this question must always be kept in mind. Most likely, in fact, the company will not release an update to this effect, so the device will always appear to be poco sure. In the event that you have to use banking apps intensively or, in any case, handle sensitive data, we do not recommend that you rely on such a product. Nothing happens, but it is always better not to play with fire.

Beyond the aspect just addressed, here is Android stock space which, however, unlike other competing products is much more beautiful to look at. Although almost nothing changes compared to what is shown, for example, on Chuwi HiPad Plus and similar, here the icons are closer to those seen on the Pixels and the Settings menu is not studded with bugs and malfunctions. There are no smooth and fast animations, there is a certain cumbersome even in the opening and closing of some simple apps, but I have never seen sudden system crashes. Some Google apps are pre-installed and, if needed, the others can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. Blackview has not, therefore, almost put its hand to the software but has made it more pleasing to the eye than some of its competitors have done.

Audio & Connectivity

Blackview Tab8 proposes a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band with good performance. I must say, however, that I would have expected better coverage in the more difficult parts of the house. Despite this, externally it is possible to connect to the 4G LTE network without any problem, however, having to compromise. Even in this case, in fact, the connection is not too stable, so you may have some problems traveling at the maximum speed possible, especially if you are out of town. In any case, there is no lack of Bluetooth 5.0 e GPS / Glonass / Beidou, all compartments in which the product has never shown any malfunction. As mentioned above, we also find ben here two cameras, a post on the back from 13 MP and selfie camera da 5 MP. Don't expect much, as the quality is really quite poor.

They are present well two speakers on Tab8, below. Excellent choice of location but, unfortunately, the quality fails to fully satisfy. I find, in fact, that Blackview in this case could have done something more, especially with regard to the performance of the bass, which are practically non-existent. At maximum volume, which is not very high, the speakers do not show great distortions even if with some tracks they croak slightly.


Under the body we have one battery da 6.580 mAh, just enough to ensure a pretty intense day of use. As often happens, I have exploited this product in a rather discontinuous way, so it is not easy to evaluate its autonomy. Net of this, however, I can assure you that it remains a reliable device even after several hours of TV series and movies, without ever losing too much charge all together. Tab8, therefore, is well suited for writing jobs in Word, or any other application of this type, as well as for managing Excel files and the like.

Price & Conclusions

Blackview Tab8 is currently being sold on the official store of the brand, at a price of approx 150 €. The keyboard by Blackview at the price of 39 €.


Blackview Tab8 is finally available on the official store of the brand. Buy it now!

More Less
154,90 €

Blackview Tab8 is a tablet that if necessary can be used with its own integrated keyboard. Purchase this accessory now for maximum productivity.

More Less
39,00 €

What do I think of this tablet? Keeping in mind the amount required for this product, in terms of performance we are in line with what is offered on the market. Indeed, although the software is the same as that seen on other tablets, here the care taken was slightly better. I don't know if it actually makes sense to buy the keyboard separately, but you mainly have to deal with your type of use. In case you need to write long texts, therefore, I recommend the purchase. With less than 200 euros you take home a versatile product, which also allows you to connect to the LTE network, thus resulting rather dynamic.

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