Razer Anzu are the smart glasses you will absolutely want

razer anzu smart audio sunglasses

Although they are still a very niche product, smart sunglasses are a bit popular with everyone. After the solutions Angry e Huawei X Gentle Monster, i arrive Razer suit, smart sunglasses with audio system with audio open ear to a price competitive (for the sector).

Razer Anzu: all the secrets of the rival smart glasses of the Huawei Gentle Monster

razer anzu 2

The style of these smart glasses it is certainly very current and therefore you will not be afraid to seem out of the historical period. But these glasses are also a very good product very well made, with the filter for the blue light, the polarization to the 99% per UVA e UVB. In addition they are also waterproof with IPX4 certification. By the way, both models (square and round frame) are very light, weighing from 43 to 48 grams.

Moving on to the smart side of the product, we have low latency audio (60 ms), with open-ear system and microphone omnidirectional integrated. This allows not only to listen to music without headphones, but also to be able to have gods voice checks e touch to recall thevoice assistant or change track, play / pause it, as well as manage calls. There battery it also allows more than 5 hours of battery life. There is no shortage of details LED RGB for the frame slats.

The price at which these are offered Razer Anzu smart sunglasses and of 199.99 US dollars, which compared to Bose and Huawei are certainly more competitive and that when they arrive in Europe they could be a very valid alternative to these two products.

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