OPPO: here is the winning strategy for smartphones in Europe

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When a Chinese brand approaches the Global market, the main objective is often a good position in the European market. And he knows this well OPPO, which points to a strategy of leadership in Europe with regard to smartphone, both in range mid-range and flagship.

OPPO: thick partnerships are the strategy to shine with smartphones in Europe

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The growth of over 200% obtained on an annual basis in 2020, For OPPO is synonymous with significant approval by European users, who in the 12 markets in which the brand is engaged has begun to look at its devices with great confidence and interest. As we know, theEurope it is probably the most difficult market in the world and being the leader of the latter is certainly a very important prospect for the general trend of a brand.

But how do you enter a market like this? OPPO has seen us for a long time and has entered into very important partnerships with entities such as Roland-Garross, Rolex Paris Masters, the football club FC Barcelona and especially Lamborghini, the company's near-luxury smartphone partner. These collaborations will then lead to important investments for Research & Development di smart technologies.

Now we just have to wait for the release of the next flagship range Find X3, set forMarch 11, to understand where the potential of OPPO in Europe.

In the meantime, however, we leave you the words of the President of Western Europe, Maggie Xue"While the last year has been incredibly busy for many, we've all realized the importance of technology in helping people stay connected to each other. The unprecedented growth that OPPO has seen in Europe in 2020 makes us extremely proud because it means that we are providing excellent products capable of meeting all of our customers' needs.. We have set an ambitious goal for the next few years which is to become one of the main producers in Europe: we are convinced that we will be able to achieve this goal. It is the same ambition that drives the true innovation, progress and values ​​of our company".

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