Oclean X Pro Elite review: the toothbrush that knows your teeth thoroughly

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Dental hygiene, for as long as we can remember, is one of the fundamental parts of a person's care. And often it's not enough just to brush your teeth and brush them three times a day, but you need to do more, you need to know them. And that's what he takes care of smart electric toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite, newcomer of the family, who is the protagonist of ours review, but what will he have convinced in?

Oclean X Pro Elite Review | Smart electric toothbrush

Package Contents

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The package, to say very beautiful, contains all the essentials that are required of an electric toothbrush like theOclean X Pro Elite of the review. In fact, in addition to the product, we find the base of recharge that could be called wireless, But also a wall magnet for storing the sonic toothbrush after brushing. There is no lack of good manuals.

Design and materials

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Here too, the brand should be applauded, as the sonic toothbrush not only looks good design, but it is also pleasant to handle. This is thanks to the matt finish reminiscent of the stones, among other things constructive quality it is really of excellent workmanship, thanks to the level materials used. In the center there is a LED display in color from which to view various parameters and modes.

As for the bristles, those of the head dell 'Oclean X Pro Elite they are very resistant even to stronger brushes, they are able to penetrate well into the spaces between teeth. The head supplied is comparable to that of a standard toothbrush with medium hardness. Finally, it is convenient to clean the toothbrush with water thanks to the IPX7 certification.


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Using this Oclean toothbrush it is substantially similar to that of an electric one, since just press the button and the brushing of teeth starts. But it is what the same accessory collects that is important for our dental hygiene. In fact, it not only monitors the time of action, base 2 minutes, but also how we brush our teeth. After each session, theX-Pro Elite explains, through a score and a graph, the brushed areas and above all the "blind" ones, that is where a better cleaning should be done.

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From the same product it is possible to set theintensity (32 levels) of the pulsation, which however remains silent until below 45 dB thanks to technology WhisperClean 2.0, which activates a kind of noise cancellation. The thrust of the brush is pushed by the integrated motor with approx 42.000 turns per minute.

All this then, is enclosed in the very comfortable Oclean official application, which collects all the data, lets us know the progress, methods and quality of our dental hygiene. Furthermore, it is possible to set up to 11 different languages both the app and the X Pro Elite toothbrush, but also update the same device. All very comfortable and really smart. Those who have tried the electric toothbrush can confirm that it has improved their teeth cleaning activity.


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Another point in favor of this Oclean X Pro Elite smart electric toothbrush in review is undoubtedly the broad battery da 800 mAh, which guarantees aautonomy really long about one month and poco more with a single charge of approx 3.5 hours. In short, once charged, you will remember that you have a charger after an eternity. It should be noted that the new Oclean is one of the first to be able to recharge on wireless headers with Qi technology.

Oclean X Pro Elite Review | Smart Electric Toothbrush - Conclusions

And so we come to conclusions about this smart electric toothbrush di Oclean protagonist of this review. THE'X-Pro Elite significantly improves the user experience we had with the predecessors X Pro and model X, both reviewed. The autonomy was appreciated, the smart work was appreciated, the build quality was appreciated.

It is an accessory that can seriously improve our dental hygiene if used in the right way and especially if we follow the program that the application allows us to build in order to improve our teeth. Definitely promoted, also given the price, which price list is approx €90, but if you buy it from the link you find in the box below up to April 22 2021, you can get it for the price of €50.99 thanks to the dedicated Coupon, with a series of benefits such as some free accessories.


Valid until June 30, 2021.

To get the discount, apply the code at checkout.

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