Meizu 18 victim of false negative reviews? The company trusts users

meizu 18 negative reviews

Arrived on the market with many positive premises and with a very high quality (on paper), Meizu 18 is certainly among the most coveted smartphones on the market, both in China and Global (although we will never see it officially). However, it seems that Meizu 18 e 18 Pro may have ended up in a vortex of false negative reviews even before being put up for sale, provoking the reaction of the company itself.

Meizu 18: the company says it is calm about false negative reviews

meizu 18 pro bad reviews

After the first suspicions on the matter, the Chinese media asked the Marketing Director Wan Zhiqiang opinions on the matter. The executive is certainly annoyed but calm about the false reviews. Annoyed, because obviously it is really difficult for a smartphone or any device in general to be mistreated before it can even be received by users. Quiet because he not only knows well that in the sales channels Meizu 18 and 18 Pro they ended up in over-booking, but also because it trusts in real user feedback.

What Meizu will continue to do, he declares, is to direct all energy into their own projects that they have taken a very specific direction, important and aimed at giving everyone products of great depth at truly framed prices. In short, to understand how these new flagships really are we will have to wait for the response of the Chinese colleagues, in the meantime the brand is pampering what looks like a really great job.

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