The Lydsto R1 self-cleaning robot is on its way

lydsto r1 robot vacuum vacuum cleaner outlet

With the growing popularity of robot vacuum cleaners, users are now used to using them, although the technology built into them is constantly increasing, such as for automatic dust emptying. And one of them is the robot vacuum cleaner List R1, recently launched, equipped with many intelligent functions, greater suction power, a self-emptying base but above all a very affordable price.

Lydsto R1: this is how the new robot vacuum cleaner is made

lydsto r1 robot vacuum vacuum cleaner

List R1 it's a vacuum robot equipped with a dust-emptying base which, however, also acts as a charger for the device. The suction action has a speed of about 50.000 rpm, also possible thanks to the wide duct only 430 mm, which generates a maximum suction power of almost 30 kPa. Once finished, the robot then empties itself into the base which integrates a dust container with a capacity of 3 liters. All this obviously happens automatically, without the person having to act.

List R1, thanks to its system, it can easily reach a suction power of 2.700 Pa, manageable in 4 different modes. In addition, there is also a scrubbing function thanks to the water tank with 3 mode. The autonomy of this robot allows a maximum cleaning of approx 150 minutes, while for the smart functions we have an advanced system of LDS laser navigation, a cleaning planning system, the possibility of resuming cleaning from the point where you stopped and obviously monitoring via a dedicated application.

The new List R1 it will therefore be available shortly a this link at a very interesting price, which puts it in direct competition even with much more expensive robot vacuum cleaners.

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