LeTv brings ANC to all ears with the Ears Pro

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Sometimes return, but this time it seems that the road is more interesting than expected. Indeed, LeTV launched a new pair of TWS earphones economic, the Ears Pro, endowed of ANC at the lowest price currently on the market, undermining the records of Realme e Tronsmart.

LeTv Ears Pro: TWS earphones with ANC and cheap wireless charging for less than 30 €

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The design of these headphones is certainly inspired by the current trend of the latest generation in-ear, but not for this they are poco originals. Indeed, in spite of how much they cost, they are earphones with good characteristics, starting right from the active noise cancellation, but also an excellent autonomy guaranteed by 28 hours you declare of the case. Case that can be recharged with QI wireless charger, as well as the classic entrance Type-C.

Lato Bluetooth, we have the standard 5.0 with codecs HSP, HFP, A2DP, AAC e SBC. All this thanks to the integrated L1 + chipset, in 10-core, which returns an important audio despite being low cost earphones. The dimensions of the headphones are 33.2 x 19.6 x 23.6 mm for a weight of 4 grams, while the case has measures of 62 x 22.8 x 46.3 mm.

Where can you buy the brand's new audio devices? The TWS ANC LeTv Ears Pro earphones are already available on AliExpress at the price of 25.4 €, obtainable with the discount code dedicated and others Seller Coupon which you find in the box below.

LeTv Ears Pro | AliExpress

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