POCO X3 NFC: lag problems with Android 11? Here is the solution

poco x3 nfc

Having the latest version of Android is always the main concern of many users, but it is not always healthy for your device (and for your own mental health). If you have updated your X3 ad Android 11 (here you will find all the details on the update) and now you notice some problems with the animations and it seems less fluid than before? Don't worry: here's how to solve the lag problem di POCO X3 NFC in a few simple steps.

How to solve the problem of lag on POCO X3 NFC (after update to Android 11)

poco x3 android 11

As anticipated at the beginning, after the update to Android 11 some users found themselves struggling with an annoying problem related to animations system, which result slower and in some cases they appear in fits and starts. If you are worried about your smartphone, do not worry because the solution is much simpler than it seems: here's how to solve the lag problem some animations on POCO X3NFC after the update to Android 11.

How to solve the lag problem

  1. Restart your smartphone

    First restart your X3 NFC.

  2. Set the refresh rate to 60Hz

    Go to Settings, Display, Refresh Rate to select 60 Hz.

  3. Delete "Battery and Performance" data

    Means Settings, Applications, Manage apps enter in "Battery and performance" and choose the option to clean the app dates, present at the bottom left.

  4. Set the refresh rate to 120Hz

    Now go back in Settings, Display, Refresh Rate to set 120 Hz again.

After you have followed the steps above and selected 120 Hz, your device will be as snappy as before and the annoying post update defects will no longer be present.

If you want to know more about it POCO X3NFC - maybe you are still undecided on the purchase! - find here our review of the best buy. Alternatively, if you are aiming for a greedy offer, take a look below: the 6/64 GB version and the 6/128 GB version are in promo at €166 e €179 thanks to the code PIT10PERTE (don't forget to insert the coupon!).

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