Facebook Pages Disappeared: What's Happening?

facebook pages disappeared

In these hours a worried phenomenon is taking place regarding the social network par excellence: if yours page Facebook results railing then you too have run into a rather alarming problem that seems to involve many, but without a precise criterion. What's going on? Let's try to take stock of the situation and see clearly.

Facebook pages disappeared: let's take stock of the situation

facebook pages disappeared

As far as we are concerned, we too have been impressed by the thing and in the moment in which we write the pages of GizDeals And that of GizBlog they are unreachable. Furthermore, the strange phenomenon that is affecting Facebook does not only concern the "small", but also large brands. We have verified that the Amazfit Italy, That Global and even Zepp are nowhere to be found. Trying to access one of these pages via a link, the message appears “This page is not available. The link may be broken or the Page may have been removed. Check that the link you are trying to open is correct ".

facebook pages disappeared

At the moment, no news has arrived from the social giant. So why are some Facebook pages deleted? Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to this question and the extent of the phenomenon itself is unknown: it is likely that the problem currently concerns many users, of which perhaps several unaware of the fact that their Facebook page . result railing; the interesting fact is that it seems to be a 360 ° problem, which can involve both normal and giant users.

My Facebook page is deleted: why?

In the morning we received the notification you see above. In this Facebook has confirmed that it has updated the country of residence of the aforementioned pages: that this process has caused the bug in the deletion of the pages? We have contacted support and are currently awaiting a response.

However, although confirmation is still missing, we can assume that the various pages have not been deleted: for the moment they are "just" gone, but these are likely to be restored. Obviously we are optimistic and for more details we look forward to news from Facebook.

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