Black Shark 4: gaming is amplified with new accessories

black shark 4 accessories fan earphones power bank price 3

We are getting closer and closer to the arrival of the new gaming smartphone from Xiaomi's partner, Black Shark. In fact, in the next hours the new will arrive among us Black Shark 4, of which the brand has however anticipated the release of the new ones accessories, Including a cooling fan, wired earphones, the covers and a power bank da 20.000 mAh.

Black Shark 4: here are all the accessories presented

black shark 4 accessories fan earphones power bank price

The first accessory we talk about for the new Black Shark is definitely the cooling fan, the Cooling Back Clip 2 Pro, more compact in design than previous models, but it gets LED RGB inside and above all a small display which indicates the temperature reached during the process dissipation. Temperature but also charging, which for the new model that has a support a 120WWith the new power bank da 20.000 mAh, with 3 ports, 2 ports USB-A and a USB Type-C, which improves the design of the one from 10.000 mAh released two years ago.

Carrying on, Black Shark 4 also makes use of wired earphones, which will allow you to get very full-bodied bass and excellent isolation during gaming sessions, which make use of a design with geometric textures, aluminum materials, frames with the iconic green of the brand but also a cable reinforced silicone plate, which comes in two versions, both standard and special version with cable in green and Hi-Fi audio certification. Finally, introduce the cover both reinforced with dedicated fan attachment for thermal management action and those fluo that give an even more touch "gamer"To the whole.

The price of accessories di Black Shark 4 e 4 Pro it is, like the smartphones to which they are dedicated, actually very convenient, starting from the fan for the price of 26€ (199 yuan), while the power bank costs around 21€ (159 yuan). For wired earbuds, we cost around 19€ (149 yuan) for the standard ones and 32€ (249 yuan) for those in special versions. Closes the price of the covers, which is about 10€ (79 yuan) for those reinforced and only 5€ (39 yuan) for the fluorescent ones.

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