ZTE revolutionizes again: 3D recognition arrives under the display

zte camera under display
OnePlus Nord N10

As announced a few days ago, ZTE officially showed the second generation area of camera under the display at the opening of the most anticipated tech event in Asia: the MWC 2021 di Shanghai, the perfect stage to show the world its latest novelty. And of course we can't wait to see this gem on board the next top of the range Axon 30 Pro!

ZTE presents the second generation of its camera below the display

zte camera under display

For the release date of the top of the range there is still no confirmation, but during the Shanghai fair a prototype area of camera below the display di second generation targata ZTE. Obviously it is impossible not to think that Axon 30 arrives with this novelty: the previous rumors speak of a 6.9 ″ panel with Full HD + or QHD + resolution, with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

In fact, one of the main novelties of the display presented by ZTE at the MWC 2021 in Asia is precisely to offer one increased refresh rate: this goes from 90 Hz seen with axon 20 at 120 Hz. Also, in terms of pixel density in the camera area (top, center of the panel) the new technology levels up and goes from 200 PPI to PPI 400, so that you can offer sharper and clearer images.

But the absolute novelty is represented by the introduction of 3D structured light technology: thanks to this novelty, the new camera under the ZTE display will be able to take advantage of the facial recognition 3D. At the moment there is no other news but as soon as there are other details (perhaps with videos and images) we will update this article.

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