ZTE Axon 30 Pro: The first live image shows a great display

ZTE Axon 30 Pro
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We have seen how ZTE, over the past months, has shown great engineering strength. With ZTE Axon 20, in fact, it has shown that it has reached a very high level of quality, managing for the first time to insert a front camera below the display. This, however, was by no means a point of arrival. On the part of the brand, therefore, there is the will to continue to amaze in this area, always focusing a lot on the photographic sector. Reason why too ZTE Axon 30 Pro it will propose to introduce on the market an innovative multimedia solution among its specifications, without giving up the convenience in the price.

Upgrade 22 / 02: after unveiling the presentation date, the CEO of ZTE shows for the first time live the display of the Axon 30 Pro. Find everything in “Design and hardware specifications”.

ZTE Axon 30 Pro: what do we know about specs, price and release?

Hardware design and specifications

zte axon 30 pro specifications 28 01

We are really very curious to understand how it will be built ZTE Axon 30 Pro, which in these hours begins to receive the first glimmers of design with a reference to bumper chamber very particular, which also confirms the definitive name of the smartphone in the official poster of the brand.

And if we still know about design poco, for the hardware you start to understand something already, with the chipset Snapdragon 888 confirmed for the CPU of the flagship of Ni Fei's company, which stated that he found it very powerful in the first tests, but also a good display 6.9 " (and this only feeds the possibility of the camera under the display) which should have a resolution Full HD + or even QHD + with refresh rate a 120 Hz just to increase the level of the smartphone.

Also, also the battery seems to be a pretty good module. Not so much for the amperage which promises to be very good anyway, 4700 mAh, but for charging it should be ultra-fast.

zte axon 30 pro live display 2

Let's talk about the display of theAxon 30 Pro and this time the clue comes from the CEO of ZTE, Ni Fei, which shows the first live image of the smartphone, although only on the front and above all well covered so as not to reveal the rest of the design. As already confirmed, the it will be without “obstacles”, therefore with camera below the screen, but also with a very interesting level of detail, which suggests a high level device.


After seeing the company's progress in the photographic field, we can't wait to find out more about the brand's next flagship. Ni Fei, General Manager of the Terminal Business Unit of ZTE, has already revealed that axon 30 Pro it will be equipped with the most powerful and pioneering imaging functions in the industry, as he then reiterated in the last post on the top of the range.

These words then find some sort of confirmation in a new official ZTE poster that shows what looks like a bowl of a Bento for lunch and which sees a pair of chopsticks removing a pomegranate grain because, as the caption suggests, you have to let it be seen " everything ”and then the suggestion to camera below the display it is clear.

And if its presence is increasingly confirmed, from the latest news we learn how the technology of the new is structured camera below the display di Axon 30 Pro, which will be a marriage of micro-materials and technology al micron ad very high transmission, in addition to the presence of an independent unit screen display chip. All this in a highly integrated minimalist circuit design and other core technologies in order to create interference in the shot effect after the shot.

In short, high engineering for a product that is now among the most awaited at home and also in West, where the echo of axon 20 has arrived and has already fueled the curiosity of users fascinated by the idea of ​​a camera under the display in a stable plan and with top-of-the-range specifications.

zte axon 30 pro camera isp

But not only the front sensor, the rear one is also ready to amaze: according to the manager of the mobile department of ZTE Lu Qianhao, the main camera sensor will have a resolution never seen on a smartphone before. In fact, making the most of theISP the Snapdragon 888, Axon 30 Pro should use or a double sensor from beyond 100 MP or even a single one from 200 MP. And it is precisely with regard to this last specification that further details have emerged in the last few hours. In fact, a sensor could find space on board Samsung S5KGND 1 / 1.37 ″, 1,28 μm. Obviously, this camera has not yet been launched on the market, not even by Samsung itself. We therefore await some news regarding this objective.

zte axon 30 pro

Although it is a conclusion reached based on the references that the Manager has made precisely about the chipset, it is easy to think that it is not far from reality, also considering that Ni Fei confirmed (as reported above) that theimaging of the top range ZTE it will be out of the ordinary. We will have to wait a little longer to understand what will be confirmed.

ZTE Axon 30 Pro among the protagonists of the MWC 2021 in Shanghai - Release date and price

ZTE Axon 30 Pro

The new Axon 30 Pro does not yet have a presentation date but we are sure that we will know more very soon. In fact, the Chinese company has confirmed its participation in the MWC 2021 di Shanghai, event to be held from the 23 25 February. For the occasion, ZTE will present the second generation his camera under the display: obviously we assume that this novelty will be on board Axon 30. We do not know if the company will show the device or not but it will certainly be an excellent opportunity to better understand what awaits us from the most awaited functionality of the flagship.

The teaser refers to the 3D structured light technology under the display, namely the Face ID, although no further details are provided.

We will therefore see what will happen in the coming days, but it is easy to expect that the new top of the range will come out around the Q2 2021. For what concern selling price it is groping in the dark even if a higher figure is expected than its predecessor, also given the implementation of a top-of-the-range hardware. We also hope it improves the selfie side quality, seen the not-so-exciting score on DxOMark by Axon 20.

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