Smartda Portable Cabinet Review: Xiaomi's UV and ozone sterilizer

Let's face it, technology has gotten boring lately. Ok, the new ones have been presented Samsung Galaxy S21 and the new Xiaomi Mi 11, but the reality is that if it weren't for the rollable phone by Oppoby now smartphones all look alike.

And this is also why my spasmodic search for more interesting or useful devices for everyday life began, a search that could not find a better place than in the ecosystem of satellite companies of Xiaomi.

Because the product we are talking about today comes from one of the gills of the Chinese brand. And no, it's not a Xiaomi wireless cyclonic vacuum cleaner, nor is it a product for smart home automation or a vacuum cleaner robot.

Today we talk about the Xiaomi Smartda Portable Cabinet, a device that at first glance might seem like a kind of oven, but which is far from it: it is one UV and ozone sterilizer, with which not only smartphones, tablets or masks can be sterilized, but that - thanks to its size - will allow you to eliminate viruses and bacteria from many other objects.

Why did I think about reviewing such a product? Because in my opinion, today, it is useful. And then the poco (find the discount coupon below).

Smartda Portable Cabinet Review: Xiaomi's ultraviolet and ozone sterilizer

Package Contents

The packaging of the Xiaomi Smartda Portable Cabinet, the Xiaomi sterilizer, is made of hardcover without too many frills and has dimensions poco higher than the product it contains.

Inside we find:

  • Xiaomi Smartda Portable Cabinet;
  • 2 aluminum shelves;
  • instruction manual;
  • European socket adapter.

Design and materials

Big 32.5 29 39 cm and with a relatively low weight, the appearance of the Xiaomi UV and ozone sterilizer it almost looks like an electric oven. It is made with a mix of materials, including aluminum, plastic and glass, and is characterized by a very solid structure.

The side areas are covered with aluminum, while the front opening is protected by a layer of plastic and integrates a glass capable of filter ultraviolet rays, a series of touch keys and a small LCD display with which you can check the operating mode and the time remaining for the end of the sterilization process.

Near the door joints, gods have been inserted small LEDs which have the purpose of illuminating the internal area of ​​the Xiaomi sterilizer, which is totally coated in mirror 304 aluminum: and the choice of using a totally reflective material is brilliant, because it will allow the refraction of ultraviolet rays emitted by the Philips G4 T5 UV lamps integrated, in order to guarantee a process of omnidirectional sterilization.

They convinced me poco the aluminum support surfaces, which are removable but which have been made with dimensions that are not too precise: to be able to insert them into the Xiaomi Smartda Portable Cabinet I had to "deform" them a little, because they are actually slightly wider than the internal area of ​​the sterilizer.

At the rear there is also an additional filtering system with air flow which, thanks to a activated carbon filter it is able to retain impurities and guarantee fresh air inside the cabinet. In a nutshell, a bit like it happens with i air purifiers from Xiaomi, the air flow is purified before the sterilizer enters, in order to guarantee maximum yield.

I touch keys there are 5 of them, and they allow you to adjust the different operating modes of the product, but they have one flaw: they are written in Chinese and English, but it's easy to learn to use them.

How it works - Xiaomi UV and ozone sterilizer

In a nutshell, the process required to use it Xiaomi UV and ozone sterilizer it is very simple: just insert the objects you want to sterilize, turn on the product and select the operating mode. And that's it.

And ok, to want to be really picky, though sterilize perfectly just inserting any object into a sterilizer would not be enough: it should first be washed, then disinfected and finally sterilized. But hey, we're not surgeons.

In any case, however, the Xiaomi sterilizer was also designed with this in mind: there are three operating modes, they can be activated uniquely with a dedicated key (sterilization, drying e storage) and, for example, if a mask had been washed first, it could be inserted into the Xiaomi Smartda Portable Cabinet and start the drying process, during which the inside of the device will reach a maximum temperature of 55%.

Specifically then, the sterilization process takes place in two stages: by activating the UV mode (which has a total duration of 7 minutes), the sterilizer will activate the Philips UV lamps for 5 minutes, while for the remaining two it will use ozone. And it will also do it very quietly: the operation of Xiaomi's sterilizer will produce a noise below 65 decibels.

Price and considerations - Smartda UV and ozone sterilizer

The price of Xiaomi's UV and ozone sterilizer is about 70 dollars, but through the coupon you find below you can take it home 49,70 to EUR. Yes, I know, it's not one of those devices that fuels the hype for buying but let's be real, the fundamental purpose of technology is to be useful: and it's not about being thepocondriaci or "obsessed with hygiene", but there is no doubt that (never as today) having such a product at home could be a very useful thing.

And it could be not only to disinfect masks, smartphones or tablets (which, around, we will surely rest on different surfaces), the Xbox Series X gamepad or the PS5 DualSense, but it could also be a very useful accessory for sterilization. some cutlery, bottles or toys for babies, and so on and so forth.


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