How should a 1000 € Xiaomi smartphone be? The company asks this in a survey

xiaomi smartphone 1000 euros

Why do average users like Xiaomi? Because it offers technology that is always current, because it updates relatively often and above all for the quality / price ratio. But if Xiaomi began to produce smartphone above i 1000 €, how should they be? The company asked users.

Xiaomi: improved MIUI, folding display and Mi MIX Alpha series the elements chosen by fans for the smartphone above 1000 euros

xiaomi smartphone 1000 euro 2

The same poll was launched Lei Jun, CEO of the brand. The founder specifically asked fans if they would buy a smartphone Xiaomi from 10.000 yuan (at the exchange rate almost €1300). But above all, how should the company's smartphone with this price be, what characteristics it must have.

On the desire to buy it, users of Weibo he didn't answer spades at all, but on the condition that it was really worth it. Starting with the software, a MIUI totally improved and smooth. We then continue in the chapter , where the desire of one foldable Xiaomi smartphone it is the most frequent. This then brings you back to the series I MIX Alpha, which according to most of the comments is the most suitable for this purpose.

There are those who then make a list of specifications of the data sheet as it Snapdragon 888A display Samsung 2K, four loudspeakers stereo, camera under the display, battery by 5000 mAh with quick charge from 120 W it's thin. Which would be realistic, but not far from what it already offers My 11 (except for speaker, recharge and selfie camera).

In short, pretentious but certainly not with absurd requests, a sign that Xiaomi already enjoys excellent prospects for smartphone more expensive, although such an expensive one would really be the ne plus ultra in the category.

And you, how do you want it to be? Or would you prefer it to stick with this commercial policy? Let us know in the comments.

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