Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 will take place and could be the first folding of the brand

xiaomi me mix 4

Centuries have passed since the launch of the Mi MIX 3, last representative of Xiaomi's experimental range. We had the parenthesis I MIX Alpha but we know that it was an exercise in style and technology, given that the super flagship of the future never arrived on the market. We shed quite a lot of tears and we have been deluded in all possible ways, But say Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 and not even the shadow of its exit. At least until now, since finally Lei Jun in person he will reveal the plans of the Chinese company towards the series… even if we will have to wait a few more hours.

Upgrade 08 / 02: we return to talk about the new Xiaomi Mi MIX and how it will be done, with a not too veiled reference to the concept of a few days ago. Also check some news about the possible design and the nature of the top of the range. We talk about it at the end of the article.

Will Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 arrive in 2021? Lei Jun will answer this question (finally!) In a few hours

xiaomi me mix 4

The announcement comes directly from Xiaomi's Weibo profile and was also picked up by Product Manager Wang Teng Thomas (one of the company's most chatty executives). The teaser poster published on social media is quite talkative: Will Xiaomi launch a Mi MIX series model this year? Well the answer will come directly from the mouth of Lei Jun, famous and charismatic CEO of the brand. The 7 February an event will be held on the occasion of the Chinese New Year and here, finally, the truth about it will be revealed Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 and on its possible release in 2021.

xiaomi me mix 4

For those who missed some details, only a few hours ago Xiaomi made it official his new smartphone concept. It is a solution with Waterfall truly spectacular, without physical buttons and with a panel with edges so curved that they can be used to display icons and notifications.

Looking at this device it is impossible not to come up with a possible Xiaomi Mi MIX 4: the smartphone, in fact, takes the best of the Alpha model, making it more "human" and suitable for everyday use. We look forward to Lei Jun's announcement and as soon as we know more we will update this article with all the details.

Fingers crossed, but we leave you with a question: would you like a Mi MIX 4 like that of the new concept released by the company? But above all… you would be willing to spend 1000 € for a device like this? Let us know in the comments!

The display will be less "modern" than usual but there may be other surprises | Update 08/02

After the announcement of the aforementioned all-curved concept, many users have tried to let the Xiaomi executives empty the bag: will he be Mi MIX 4? And to the surprise of many, apparently not. Wang Teng Thomas has his say again, with a rather peremptory statement: the Mi MIX 2021 will have one flat screen.

xiaomi mi mix 4 flat

The release of a new model for the Mi MIX series is thus confirmed again, but at this point the clues on what to expect diminish further. One also wonders why that concept was shown, then, if then Mi MIX will actually be different. We hope it does not turn out that, like Mi 11 and predecessors, the Mi MIX series also has more models!

In the meantime, further "clarifications" arrive from the management. While Lu Weibing once again confirms the arrival of a new member of the MIX series, Wang Teng Thomas whiffs a little more. The Product Manager refers to an alleged tablet of the MIX family: but will it really be so? After all, in these hours they have appeared news on a possible Mi Pad 5.

xiaomi folding smartphone photo display

Then a Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 will be a truly a tablet? The most likely answer is a dry one No: we do not have absolute certainty but it cannot be ruled out that the manager refers to the former smartphone folding by Xiaomi, a device also spotted in some alleged live photos. Obviously, also in this case, to have a confirmation we will necessarily have to be patient until the arrival of news.

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