The new Xiaomi 33W GaN charger fits very comfortably in your pocket

xiaomi gan 33w charger
OnePlus Nord N10

The need to quickly recharge your smartphone has become urgent and increasingly pretentious. The major brands, moreover, have worked to bring solutions to users faster and faster and compact, with i GaN charger, as it did most of all Xiaomi which launched a new solution from 33W more than pocket sized and very affordable price.

Xiaomi GaN Charger 33W: all the features of the fast charger

xiaomi gan charger 33w

Starting from the design of the brand's new charger, we realize that it is very small, compared to other solutions. In fact, it covers an area of ​​just 31 cc, with measures from 3.04 x 3.04 x 3.4 cm. In short, it fits more than comfortable in your pocket, almost as if it were a very powerful toy.

Turning to the technical characteristics, the a Gallium Nitride (GaN) allows you to charge your smartphone quickly without risk, with a maximum of 33W, therefore compatible with most smartphones Xiaomi and not that they support fast charging. All this thanks to the entrance Type-C / Type-C, with a maximum amperage of 3A. To give an example, a Redmi K30 Ultra fully recharges in just 58 minutes.

The selling price on YouPin of the new charger Xiaomi GaN Charger da 33W it is really very good, since it takes about 10€ to buy it (79 yuan). Let's assume that we will soon see it also on stores like AliExpress, as they are products that often arrive in the West through this channel, but we can also hope for an official landing in the brand's stores.

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