Vidlok Webcam W77 review: a Plug & Play camera for PC, MacOS, Linux and Android


With YouTube, and especially Twitch, the phenomenon of live streaming has completely exploded. To date, in fact, the classic videos released on the well-known Google platform have almost gone into the background. This has slightly changed the market, also from the point of view of the tools needed to be able to bring these types of content. Therefore, webcams are back in vogue, especially the higher-end ones. Many, however, may also be interested in cheaper models, suitable for a milder and less professional type of use. This Vidlok Webcam W77, therefore, it could be right for you, offering you the bare essentials for a common business video call or, perhaps, even something more. You just have to follow ours Full review.

Vidlok Webcam W77 review


From the sales package we can already get an idea of ​​the dimensions of the webcam, which can already be viewed on the box. Some essential features are shown on the box, while inside we find:

  • Vidlok Webcam W77;
  • short instruction manual.

Design & Materials

Just as the sales box turns out to be rather essential, so too webcam itself does not present relevant details. This, in fact, was made entirely of plastic, but I have to make a small criticism about it. Not all of the surface is homogeneous and well assembled, given that on the upper part there is a slight depression that does not work in its favor. Let's say, therefore, that in general it does not give the feeling of being able to last forever. In terms of dimensions, however, this W77 measures 120 x 35 x 71,5 mm, with a weight of just 138 grams. Since this is a Plug & Play product, therefore, it can easily be carried around without any problem, ultimately taking up really poco space.


Analyzing every detail of this accessory we see how the front stands out main sensor, accompanied by two symbols on the sides. These simply indicate that the product is switched on and connected to the internet. Poco further to the left, however, we notice the presence of the microphone system. Like many other similar products, also in this case the webcam is supported by a folding structure that gives it great dynamism. Inside, in fact, the rubber parts are able to cling very well to any surface, so you shouldn't have any problem placing it on a laptop as well as on any tripod.

This is a webcam Plug and Play, therefore it equips itself with a cable USB-A which comes out directly from the top and is about 2 meters long.

Video & Operation

From the point of view of operation there is poco to specify: on any operating system you use just connect the webcam to the PC and everything works perfectly. To be more specific though, this Vidlok W77 is compatible with Linux 2.6.24 and later, Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Mac OS 10.6 and later, Chrome OS and later, Android 5.0 and later, Ubuntu 10.04 and later. It has almost no equal, therefore, in terms of dynamism.

Vidlok Webcam W77 is capable of recording in 1080p a 30fps. Although the premsse are good, however, some clarifications must be made. Taking a look at the overall quality, therefore, I have to say that the performance is more or less in line with the product specifications. On board, in fact, this webcam can count on a 2 MP sensor characterized by a FOV (Field of View) of just 85 °. Many could have expected a greater angle of view, also because this aspect is fundamental on a product of this type. Despite everything, however, for what it costs it does not record badly at all, making it perfect for those who may want to start streaming on Twitch. In fact, even after an hour and 30 minutes of continuous use, I did not notice any malfunctions. You will only have to pay attention to the lighting of the room, because in low light conditions the sensor suffers by showing excessive photographic noise. Unfortunately, however, the audio lacks a bit. In fact, I do not feel I can fully promote this aspect, despite the fact that the price is still quite low. In any case, it could be the perfect accessory for common video calls with family or friends.

Price & Conclusions

Most likely the strong point of this product is the cost. This Vidlok Webcam W77, in fact, it is currently being sold on Forestals at the price of 34,90 €. This is, therefore, a very low figure for such a dynamic device, which adapts to any type of system.

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Vidlok Webcam W77 - Forestals

Vidlok Webcam W77 is a Plug & Play camera compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. Buy it now!

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34,90 €

I would have expected more attention to detail and a slightly better assembly. I believe, however, that such expectations should not have been in my mind from the start. In the end we are in the presence of an accessory that in most cases will be used for work or, even better, for distance learning. If you were a user who falls within the latter two cases, then this could be the product for you.

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