Teclast P20HD review, a good entry-level Android tablet

teclast p20hd

Although the market of tablets survives, at least in Europe, only thanks to Apple, many Chinese brands continue to persevere in this sector. With the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has "stolen" all of 2020 from us, some demanding technologies have emerged that were not there before. Many students have been forced to study and take lessons from home, but not only. Several workers who went to the office before the outbreak of the pandemic had to experience it smart working. Some tools, therefore, have become absolutely fundamental, just like tablets. This Teclast P20HD, therefore, it could perform some of the main daily activities that take place within a family. Watching a TV series on Netflix, or playing games, could get pretty simple. Let's find out, however, what this product has to offer within the Full review.

Teclast P20HD review


We are facing the classic Teclast sales package, with a prevalence of white color, which does not show any image of the product. Even from the point of view of the equipment, in fact, we remain on a rather minimal style. Inside this box, therefore, there are space:

  • Teclast P20HD;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall-mounted power supply with European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in English;
  • protective plastic film, already applied to the display;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

I did not mind, specifically, one aspect of this product from an aesthetic point of view: the shell in aluminum. This, in fact, has a surface characterized by a very particular texture, which makes it rather captivating. It does not hold many fingerprints and, in fact, gives character to this tablet. Beyond this aspect, however, the rest of the structure is rather classic, fully reflecting the nature of the device. Teclast P20HD, in fact, is a low-cost device, so it shows some characteristic features like many of its competitors: the display frames are not at all reduced and between the front glass and the side frame there is a thin plastic strip that, as for me, I would have preferred not to see. It would have been possible to opt for a greater thickness of the device to eliminate this component. In terms of dimensions, however, the tablet measures 243 x 163 x 9.3 mm, with a weight of approx 530 grams.

teclast p20hd

It is not by far one of the most manageable products in the panorama of Android tablets, but this is a problem that only arises in some situations. When playing, for example, it could be annoying in the long run. Beyond this aspect, then, the whole side frame is made of plastic, showing the two system speakers on the bottom, which we will talk about later. On the right frame, therefore, there is the entrance USB Type-C, microphone, volume balance and the button of ON / OFF. At the top, however, we have the audio jack 3,5mm and SIM slot, simultaneously containing 2 4G nano SIMs or, alternatively, a nano SIM and a microSD.

We previously talked about the back and the finish chosen for this surface, but I have not yet shown you the 5 MP rear camera that protrudes slightly from the profile of the device.


Teclast P20HD mounts a IPS LCD display da 10,1" with resolution Full HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixels) and density of PPI 224. No other details emerge from the official data sheet, but I can assure you that the quality of the panel is only sufficient. Not so much for the colors which, after all, are also good, but more for the maximum allowed brightness. This product, in fact, in addition to not being equipped with an automatic sensor that regulates this parameter, suffers a lot under direct sunlight. With all the reflections on the display it is almost impossible to view the contents on the screen when you are outdoors, which is why I mainly recommend a home use.

teclast p20hd

Almost non-existent the oleophobic treatment, therefore after a few tens of minutes the glass is filled with fingerprints. Let's say, however, that in this respect I would not have expected anything less. The same goes for the touchscreen which has always proved to be responsive and precise. Some slowdown, which is found in everyday use, is in my opinion due to the system.

teclast p20hd

Let's say that it is a unit with which to carry out the most classic activities and nothing more. It is perfectly fine, therefore, to watch YouTube or any TV series on Netflix but you must be aware that on the latter platform, for example, the video quality does not go beyond SD. Here, in fact, the certification Widevine it's kind of L3.

Hardware & Performance

Under the body beats a SoC Unisoc SC9863A, therefore an octa-core processor with Cortex-A55 from 1,6GHz. To accompany this component, obviously low-end, we find 4 GB of RAM e 64 GB of internal memory (eMMC 5.1). All the graphics, then, are managed by a PowerVR GE8322 GPU.

teclast p20hd

I was not enthusiastic about the services offered by this sector, but it is necessary to make the necessary clarifications. Teclast P20HD is, in fact, a low-end device, also from the point of view of the price, so it must be analyzed from a different perspective. In the light of all this, therefore, I can say that all the various daily operations are carried out in an excellent way. Do not expect, however, a speed of execution of operations equal to that found on much more expensive devices. Here there is, in fact, a slightly greater clumsiness. Despite this, however, I have never had any problem surfing the net with Chrome, as well as within every single application. I even managed to play Asphalt 9 discreetly, even if in this case there is certainly no lack of heavy frame drops and little attention to detail. This Unisoc, however, consumes poco and never particularly warms up, even after several tens of minutes of stress test.

As you can see also by taking a look at the benchmarks, Androbench's results are almost scary (in negative of course). In fact, we hadn't tried products with memories for a long time eMMC 5.1, noting such low scores. Fortunately, the RAM does not offer the same type of performance, still managing to manage a few apps in the background.



Find space on board Android 10, practically in stock version, with Android security patches dated June 5, 2020. There is a lot of discussion about updating the patches, but now is not the time to do it. Certainly, however, this tablet lends itself poco to manage banking apps and all this concerns the sensitive data of users. However, nothing should happen, but in these cases, caution is never too much.

Teclast has opted for a clean system, which has nothing more than what Google has created in recent years. Therefore, we do not find any type of customization and no superfluous app. A panacea, in short, for a device of this type that focuses on a simple and essential experience. In case you still need something, there is always the Play Store in which to find any type of app.

Audio & Connectivity

This device uses a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band which offers good performance only near the modem / router. In the less covered areas of the house, in fact, it shows a little side in this aspect, unable to connect discreetly. Despite this, it is still possible to insert inside two nano SD 4G, which come in handy outside the home walls. This aspect, in fact, allows you to surf the net even when you are out of the house and to make voice calls, obviously through the loudspeaker. Beyond this, then, we have the Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS / A-GPS / Beidou. I want to include, then, in this sector also the two cameras on board this Teclast P20HD, or the front one from 2 MP and the one on the back, from 5 MP. These express just enough quality, both in photos and in video calls. I leave you below a couple of shots taken with these two sensors.

On the lower frame reside i the two speaker system which, all in all, does not offer bad audio. The bass is completely absent and at maximum volume there is some distortion, but in general the quality is in the average of products of this type. The position chosen for these two components is also good: when you hold the device, in fact, the sound is not covered by our hands, as is the case on those tablets that show these components along the two sides of the product.


Let's say that it is not always easy to evaluate the autonomy of products of this kind, mainly due to the fact that they are always used in a rather discontinuous way. In any case, there is room for one on board battery da 6.000 mAh that has no problem taking you until the evening even after a day of use. I also used it for more than three consecutive days, watching some TV series on Netflix, some videos on YouTube and browsing the web. Be careful, however, when using this product with a SIM, because in that case under the LTE network the battery consumption is much higher.

Price & Conclusions

Teclast P20HD it costs roughly 120 € su Banggood, a figure which I believe to be quite reasonable for a product of this type. Indeed, perhaps being a tablet it is even too low. We are not, in fact, in the head of smartphones where specifications and performances of this type are now almost exceeded even on products of a hundred euros.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

I believe that, as in the case of many other similar devices, Teclast P20HD is aimed at all members of the family. From the father who wants to manage the family economy, mainly using Excel and poco other, to the son who wants to have a little fun with some lighter video games or, perhaps, with YouTube Kids. It is certainly not the device suitable for a pushed use of some apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, due to the not-so-exceptional quality of the display. It really costs poco, however, and this is perhaps its biggest plus.

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Design & Materials
Connectivity & Audio
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review-teclast-p20hd-technical-specifications-priceEven if the tablet market survives, at least in Europe, only thanks to Apple, many Chinese brands continue to persevere in this sector. With the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has "stolen" all of 2020 from us, some demanding technologies have emerged that previously did not ...