KUU A8S review: the 15,6 ″ notebook that fears no rivals

kuu a8s

We never expected to experience a situation like the one experienced during the Coronavirus pandemic. During this period, however, we have learned to live in a distinctly different way and to value some aspects of daily life that we did not take into consideration before. Not only on a personal level, but also on a business level. Reason why some products have begun to be requested with greater insistence, including mainly tablets and notebook. With smart working, in fact, some previously totally hidden needs have come to light. Therefore, the Chinese device market has also benefited significantly, offering many different products on the market with excellent performance at the right price. Among these, therefore, we certainly also find KUU A8S, a laptop designed for entertainment and work. We want to talk about it better, therefore, within ours Full review.

KUU A8S review


Truly one of the most minimal sales packages ever for this notebook, showing only the product name on the front, on a white background. Inside the box, therefore, there is space:

  • KUU A8S;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • plastic film, already applied to the screen;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • keyboard stickers, with accented letters;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at the product, many may be disappointed in one aspect: this notebook is made entirely of plastic. There is not a component, except the fixing screws, that has not been coated with plastic material. What does this entail? Taking the device in hand, from the first use, you notice quite evident creaking of the body which, in a future key, does not bode well. Let's say, therefore, that in terms of durability this laptop does not stand out from the competition. Also because it is a very large product, which measures 375 x 245 x 22 mm, with a weight of well 1,76Kg. It becomes difficult, therefore, to carry it with you, perhaps for work, or even just for leisure, but you have to consider that on board it has a large da 15,6". It is not, therefore, a device that goes unnoticed.

kuu a8s

If on the one hand it disappointed me for the construction and the materials used, on the other hand it guarantees a good dynamism in terms of connectivity. We see, in fact, how on the right side you show an entrance RJ45, for the internet, a USB-A 3.0, audio jack 3,5mm and the slot for microSD. On the opposite frame, however, we find another entrance USB-A 3.0, the hole to insert the power cord and and an entrance mini-HDMIas well as a security door Kensington.

The whole rear part, besides the 4 rubbers and screws, has no noteworthy components. And this also applies to the front, the one that supports and protects the , which only shows the company name. As mentioned, it is a plastic component which, therefore, with some stress tends to flex in an important way. I think this is ultimately his biggest weakness.

Keyboard & Trackpad

kuu a8s

Let's initially analyze the keyboard, one of the parts that most influenced me in this period. Coming from a MacBook Pro from 15 ″ of 2019, to be clear the one with the keyboard a little more delicate than the others, it took me a few days to get used to this writing method. Here, in fact, we also find the numeric keypad on the right, a plus that makes this component rather large. In addition to not having an Italian layout, a problem that can be solved by applying the sticker present in the package, this keyboard does not show a key backlight system. I'm so used to using it on just about any notebook I try, that news initially blew me away. Despite this, however, the feedback is quite good, as well as the distance of the keys, which are, among other things, rather large and characterized by a soft travel. Let's say that the company, in this case, has absolutely no problems in terms of space.

We note how on the upper part of the keyboard there is a grid, which basically houses the main speaker. This, however, does not find space precisely in the center of this component, but is shifted slightly to the right. Beyond this, then, below we see how KUU A8S has been equipped with a trackpad really big. Almost identical to the one mounted on MacBooks. As in that case, therefore, this component proved to be excellent at the surface level, but a little less good as regards the reactivity of the system. However, there is no lack of compatibility with all Windows gestures that make navigation much smoother and faster.


Hard to complain about a of this type, especially for the diagonal from 15,6". On a technical level, therefore, we are in the presence of a panel IPS LCD with resolution Full HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixels). I was unable to find any other information about maximum brightness or pixel density, but I can tell you that in direct sunlight it is not always easy to view all content on the screen. What helps a lot, in this case, is the anti-reflection surface of the front glass which is absolutely essential in the workplace.

By tilting the display a few degrees, you will notice a rather marked distortion of the colors and the contrast of the images, which otherwise in normal conditions are not bad at all. Obviously the attention to detail leaves something to be desired, but I would not have expected anything better from a product of this type. Since it is a notebook, then, the upper part can be tilted to a maximum of about 100 °, so it is clear from this aspect that the product has been designed only for a certain type of users and activities.

Hardware & Performance

This KUU A8S is powered by a chipset Intel Celeron J3455, therefore a quad-core solution with base clock frequency di 1,50GHz and boost up to 2,30GHz. This component, therefore, was made with a production process at 14nm and first launched about 6 years ago (2016). To accompany this sector, then, we find 6 GB of RAM DDR3 and a SSD da 256 GB. The latter, however, was divided into three different parts, two of about 60 GB each and the third of 119 GB.

This is not new hardware, so some of its performance is already known. I must say, however, that with this product I was quite satisfied with the performance returned in everyday life. While browsing the web, in fact, I didn't notice any big problem on Chrome. Even with several tabs open, including YouTube playing with a videos in 4K, the situation has not precipitated. By exploiting, therefore, various applications including Word, Excel and everything related to the Office suite, you will be able to work without any problem, as well as enjoy a few hours of gaming with slightly less performing titles. Forget Fortnite absolutely, because the performance is already just enough with Asphalt 9. This does not preclude, in any case, the possibility of editing some photos on Photoshop or editing a short video with Premiére Pro, being able to enjoy watching some movies or TV series on Netflix thanks to the large 15,6 "display. With some test videos in 4K, with different bitrates, I must say that the notebook performed quite well. Using VLC as a player, in fact, the product did not suffer any problems, managing all these files in an optimal manner.

I have spoken to you poco does gaming without mentioning the integrated graphics card in this product, which is a Intel HD Graphics 500 750 MHz. As mentioned previously, however, this component is not sufficient to run video editing programs or modern video games quickly. In short, you will have to be satisfied from this point of view.



Windows 10 Pro could not have been missing on this machine, although at the end of "Pro" there is ben poco. There are not many differences, in fact, with the other versions of this software, which already has everything a common user needs. I am not here to bore you with such explanations, as most of you will surely have a system of this type in your hands. You will then be able to explore all the various apps contained in the Microsoft Store and browse with the new Microsoft Edge, the browser of the brand that has returned to its former glory since it was renewed.

Even on this laptop are present all the rights of Windows, being able to manage the system as on other similar products.

Connectivity & Audio

A module is located here Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band, which has always allowed me to navigate quite easily even in the less covered areas of the house. Beyond this aspect, then, there is no lack of Bluetooth 4.0, audio jack for headphones and the two USB-A 3.0 inputs. I would have preferred a more up-to-date Bluetooth standard, but I didn't have any problems in this regard, quietly connecting this notebook with an external bluetooth speaker.

Taking a look at the performance returned by the front speaker, we cannot be fully satisfied. Very positive the fact that this component has been positioned in this point, but the quality is really poor: no bass and little depth of the sounds, with a preference for medium and high tones. This, however, does not mean that it is impossible to enjoy a movie or your favorite TV series, but certainly with a good quality pair of headphones you could solve all your problems. In addition, there is one on board webcam da 2 MP which is not at all sufficient, returning images without details and very poor in terms of quality.


Under the body there is a battery from 38Wh, therefore able to guarantee an autonomy of approx 4 hours and minutes 30 with display always on. I took advantage of this product, in fact, for web browsing, watching some videos on YouTube and writing this review itself, managing to accumulate just this minute. Obviously this measure, however, could significantly change depending on your use and your habits.

Price & Conclusions

KUU A8S is currently being sold on Gearbest, in the version from 6 / 256 GB, at the price of approx 264 €.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.


The new KUU A8S arrives on the market, an essential notebook with a large display. Buy it now with our exclusive coupon!

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KUU A8S is an ideal notebook for home use, and more. Buy it now, taking advantage of our coupon!

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Obviously we are not talking about a low figure, but still a low price for such a product. Although there is a rather dated chipset inside, the device performs well in every situation, clearly showing the side only in the gaming phase. If you are looking for a notebook that can comfortably handle medium-light workloads such as Excel sheets, some photo editing, various Word documents, web browsing, the Office package in general and more, this could actually be the right product for you. There is also the numeric keypad which, in some areas, can often be useful and which, above all, not all notebooks in this range have. Only one thing could make you desist from buying it: the plastic shell.

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Design & Materials
Audio & Connectivity
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