Deerma DEM-DR035 review: Xiaomi's KETTLE thermos is truly brilliant (and costs very little)

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If there is a credit to be given to Xiaomi, it is his foresight and his ability to look at us along. Because never, ever, until a few years ago, we would have thought to see on sale (and also in Italy) many of the devices that the Chinese company is now able to market all over the world, born from its many satellite companies thanks to a fundraiser and the "virality" it has now achieved YouPin.

Because it is thanks to YouPin that we have had the opportunity to try many of the products you find in our YouTube channel, and it is always thanks to the platform that we could define a middle way between e-commerce and crowdfunding that we have had the opportunity to see the most unexpected products on the market, such as Deerma DEM-DR035: a thermos that goes beyond the concept of "keeping the liquids it contains warm", but which is precisely able to heat drinks at temperatures that can be customized by the user, thanks to an integrated resistance and a digital degree management system of heating.

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035 review: Xiaomi's portable kettle thermos is brilliant

Package Contents

In the packaging of the Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035 there are basically two elements. In addition to the kettle thermos, only the power cable is included in the package, which must be used to heat the liquids contained in the kettle and which in my opinion is definitely too short.

Design and materials

The appearance of the kettle thermos from Xiaomi it is typical of these particular products. The weight of the product is 300 grams, the shape is cylindrical and the dimensions are as bulky as those of a traditional thermos: it is large 76x76x222 mm, which means that - with the same size - it is a product capable of containing a slightly reduced quantity of liquid compared to a traditional thermos.

Her 350 ml capacity which, in general, are 150 ml lower than those of a product of the same category but not able to heat, could perhaps seem poco enough to contain a drink to drink throughout the day. And in fact it is a bit like this: I would have preferred that Deerma's had increased, albeit a few centimeters, the size of the kettle thermos so as to give it the possibility of containing at least 450 ml of liquid. In short, let's face it, 350 ml of capacity are equal to those of a small can of Coca Cola, and for many it may not be enough.

Anyway, the inside of the kettle thermos from Xiaomi is coated in 304 stainless steel, and the external coating is also very pleasant, which has a light color that fears - strictly speaking - the dirt produced by darker drinks, such as coffee.

Very interesting is the cap, which is screwed onto the main structure of the product and which not only turns into a glass, but also integrates a membrane with which the internal pressure increase will be managed if a liquid is to be heated.

How it works - Xiaomi kettle thermos

The concept of operation of the Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035 it is extremely simple, and the possibilities of use are basically two: it is possible to fill it with a hot drink and use it as a traditional thermos, or it is possible to heat the liquid directly with the product.

And if you are wondering why someone should decide to heat a drink with the Xiaomi kettle thermos, you should just think about the many types of use that could be carried out with this product that go far beyond preparing a tea in the office or an American coffee at the campsite: the Xiaomi kettle thermos could be one of the best milk warmers on the market, because thanks to the customizable and controlled temperature, you could heat the milk for a newborn without making the liquid too hot.

However, how the Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035 it is dependent on the power line. Why not, the Xiaomi's kettle thermos does not integrate a battery and works only when connected with the cable to the electrical outlet.

Once connected it will be necessary to do well poco: choose the temperature and wait for the liquid contained in the kettle thermos from Xiaomi reach it. To be honest, however, this is not a real kettle: it Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035 it can handle varying temperatures from 40 ° to 90 °, which are selected via the IMD display positioned in the lower area of ​​the product.

Clearly then, each temperature corresponds to a heating time: for example, to reach 40 ° they will be necessary 45 seconds, while to reach 90 it will be necessary to wait approx 420 seconds.

Price and considerations

The price of Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035 kettle thermos is about 38 euros, but through our coupon (which you can find below) you can take it home to 24,20 €. And yes, it is a very interesting price, especially considering that the "traditional" steel bottles for water can cost up to 15 euros, without being able to keep the drinks hot (or cold) and heat them.

Of course, perhaps asking Xiaomi to use an integrated battery in order to heat drinks on the go would have been too much (not only because of the size and weight that the product would have had, but above all for the consumption related to the resistance for heating) but, as I have already anticipated before, I would have liked that the Xiaomi kettle thermos had been able to contain a little more liquid.

Apart from this small note, it is a truly brilliant product, suitable for many more uses than might come to mind at first glance.


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Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035

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