Chuwi HiPad Plus review: looks like a more well-known tablet, but costs less than 250 euros

chuwi hipad plus
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Which destiny will the world of tablet? We still do not know but, in the Android field, this market does not seem to be promising very well. Despite this, however, many Asian brands continue to churn out new products in this sense, some of which are much more interesting than others. Although, in fact, we often try to want to separate once and for all the Chinese technological world from the American one, represented mainly by Apple, it is not always so easy. Chuwi HiPad Plus, therefore, it is precisely one of those devices that, most of all, puts this dualism to the test. It looks like a new generation iPad Air in all its parts but, despite this, it is really beautiful. Will there be more besides a similarity from an aesthetic point of view? Would you like to know more? You just have to stay tuned to ours Full review.

Chuwi HiPad Plus review


From the packaging it is not possible to see any detail of this product, since neither images nor relevant technical specifications are shown. Inside the box, however, we find:

  • Chuwi HiPad Plus;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • brief instruction manual;
  • warranty certificate.

Design & Materials

As on a tablet in particular produced by the Cupertino company, also in this case the unibody body of Chuwi HiPad Plus is made of aluminum. I honestly would not have expected a similar quality, but this time the Chinese brand has really surpassed itself in this respect. Every single side is perfectly reproduced, without any flaws, and that's absolutely not a thing poco. To the touch, in fact, you immediately understand that you are in front of a premium product or that, at least, wants to be classified as such. Chuwi, therefore, hit the mark by presenting a solid device, without any creaking and with a noteworthy assembly. In any case, it is not the most pocket-sized product that can be found in this category, weighing about 500 grams and showing a 11 ″ display. It should be noted, however, how the company has worked a lot on the device, enclosing everything inside a thick body only 6,9 mm.

chuwi hipad plus

I cannot give you all the technical specifications of this model, because at the time I am talking about it it has not yet been officially launched on the market. Some details, therefore, are not present on the official Chuwi website. Despite this, however, I can tell you that the buttons of the volume balance and what we might consider, perhaps, the main microphone. Above, however, there could be two other microphones, probably used for the suppression of environmental noises. On the left, then, we have the slot for the microSD. As you may have noticed, moreover, left and right frames are characterized by the presence of 4 speakers. Don't be fooled by appearances, though, because only the lower ones actually output audio.

On the back remain the photographic sensor main, which protrudes a good millimeter from the profile of the device, and the magnetic pins thanks to which to connect, probably, a keyboard.


It is not often that a tablet is mounted on a tablet of this type 2K IPS LCD display (2.176 x 1.600 pixels) from 11 ", with an aspect ratio of 4: 3 and a density of 245 PPI. Almost everything you need, therefore, to make it the perfect product for multimedia. I must say, in fact, that i colors they are very bright and rich in contrast. The maximum brightness is also good, which helps a lot outdoors in the most difficult light situations. Here, however, I must say that the sensor that automatically adjusts this parameter is not always accurate. In the evening, for example, it tends to shoot a little too far brightness of the display.

chuwi hipad plus

I was satisfied with the performance returned by the touch screen, always precise and responsive in every situation. The display, however, appears to have hardly been equipped with any oleophobic treatment, given that after poco the front glass is completely filled with fingerprints. One of the most characteristic parts of the product, as you may have guessed, are the rather small side frames. Despite this, not everything is homogeneous, since two sides have a slightly larger surface than the others.

chuwi hipad plus

Hardware & Performance

Chuwi HiPad Plus offers a SoC MediaTek MT8183, therefore an octa-core CPU with 4 x ARM Cortex-A73 of 2,0GHz + 4 x ARM Cortex-A53 of 2,0GHz. We are therefore not in the presence of a very low-end hardware component. To assist everything, then, we find 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4X e 128 GB of internal memory eMMC 5.1. I would also like to point out that here there is a Mali-G72 800MHz GPU.

chuwi hipad plus

Very often the biggest differences between one product and another are noticed at the gaming level. With this tablet, therefore, they cannot say that they found myself bad in this respect, managing to easily play even more performing titles, such as Asphalt 9. Of course, however, that the frame-rate remains quite low and you will also have to deal with numerous important lags, especially in the vicinity of slightly more demanding animations. Beyond these aspects, however, everything else works perfectly but, even in web browsing as well as in the scrolling of pages within the app, there is always some lag too much. I have never encountered sudden closures of applications or other problems of this type, but it is still a product that is not exactly very fluid.

I would have expected consumption slightly lower, but I must say that in any case the device never heats up. On the back, after tens of minutes of gaming, there is hardly any warmth, a feature that therefore left me pleasantly surprised.



Here is located a customization of Android 10 practically non-existent. We are therefore in line with what is proposed by many other similar ones, such as Teclast M40 for example. This is however a positive aspect from a certain point of view, because it thus avoids problems due to poor software care. What amazed me the most about this product is the fact that the security patches are already updated in February 2021. And it is by no means obvious, despite the device being in the pipeline on the market.

We find all the usual system apps contained within it, mainly belonging to Google. In case it is necessary to download others, it is possible, in any case, to rely on the Play Store.

Audio & Connectivity

Here we have a form Wi-Fi ac Dual Band which manages to maintain good performance even in the least covered areas of the house. It is not very stable, sometimes losing the network in slightly more covered areas, but it is absolutely normal for such a product. Finally, there is no lack of Bluetooth 4.0 e GPS, all compartments in which the product has never shown any malfunction. Within this sector I also want to mention the two cameras, the one on the back from 12 MP and selfie camera da 5 MP, which return a just sufficient quality, although still in line with that shown by other competing products.

As previously mentioned, the company wanted us to believe that 4 speakers were mounted on this device. Here, in fact, it is only the lower ones that work and, as far as their performance is concerned, I must say that they sound rather mediocre. In addition to being totally absent the bass, they focus too much on the mid and low tones. Even while watching a movie, therefore, I recommend connecting them to an external bluetooth speaker or a pair of headphones (always Bluetooth, because the audio jack is missing).


HiPad Plus takes advantage of a battery da 7.000 mAh. Precisely for this reason I was a little disappointed by this sector, because in the face of such a large capacity I would have expected greater autonomy. Despite this, however, the tablet still manages to take you until the evening even after a rather stressful day. You will therefore have the opportunity to watch different episodes of your favorite TV series, to play and surf the net for a long time, without having to put it on charge within 12 hours.

Price & Conclusions

Chuwi HiPad Plus is available for sale at an amount equal to approx 206 €, obviously thanks to the exclusive coupon you find below.

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Chuwi HiPad Plus - Chuwi Store

With Chuwi HiPad Plus you will certainly not be disappointed. Buy it now with our coupon!

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I am convinced that the possible sale price, this time, is congruous with what is offered by the product. Considering the build, the design and the build quality I don't feel I can judge it as a cheaper device. We are still talking about an Android tablet that should be well below 300 euros, thus becoming perhaps one of the most beautiful at this figure. It is certainly not the replacement for a product like the iPad, but this I think is clear. Surely, however, it is a good alternative to all those low-end tablets that, despite having the same performance, have an old design.

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