The next Snapdragon of the top range Xiaomi, OPPO and OnePlus will still be at 5 nm

Lo Snapdragon 888 it is certainly one of the most interesting chipsets of recent years and promises sparks on the top 2021 range. However, it seems that the architecture of the next Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship will be similar if not the same as the current one from 5 nm and that the change of pace a 4 nm we will see it only later.

Qualcomm: Snapdragon 895 from Xiaomi, OPPO and OnePlus will still be at 5 nm, from 2022 in 4 nm chipset production

qualcomm snapdragon 895 4nm

According to an insider from Qualcomm, it seems that the next Snapdragon 895 (tentative name) which we will most likely see on Xiaomi, but also OPPO e OnePlus will be produced by Samsung and that the architecture will still be at 5 nm, thus confirming the modalities of the current 888.

This however could change in 2022, when Qualcomm will be ready to rely on again TSMC, because it is very likely that the foundry of semiconductors Taiwanese may have completed the project to implement chipset with architecture a 4 nm, which would change many perspectives in terms of performance and consumption of the next top ranges of the aforementioned brands.

The process is long but not impossible, considering that TSMC he is already thinking about the 3 nm, therefore it is clear from the report that brands will have to have great patience and, to be honest, it is not a bad thing to improve what has already been produced so far, without having to look for the big news, perhaps even premature.

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