Bad air goodbye with the Proscenic A9 purifier

proscenic a9

Keeping your home clean certainly doesn't just remove dust or generalized dirt. The air must also be clean and we must equip ourselves with devices, now fortunately also intelligent, that improve the environment for us, such as the purifier Proscenic A9, supported by high performance.

Why choose an air purifier and why Proscenic A9 is among the best solutions

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As we mentioned before, keeping the home air clean and of perfect quality is essential, but why we really need a purifier? The reasons are many, starting from the fact that they are present in the house animals, whose inorganic residues can lead allergies, so thanks to this device it is can be filtered.

Also, in homes where they are present smoking, a purifier like the Proscenic A9 can avoid i bad smells, above all, it avoids the formation of a harmful environment in the home due to smoke, thus keeping the air fresh. Finally, it is useful for creating a safe place frompollution outside of big cities, for example.

Now that we know the properties of air purifier, we also explain why the Proscenic A9 is among the best solutions on the market: first of all, it manages to cover an area of 355.21 sqm in just 7 minutes, but thanks to HEPA filter H13 it allows to obtain an almost complete filtering. In fact, it can neutralize up to 99.97% of the allergens present. Also, you can adapt others multi-function filters (sold separately). In addition, the convenience of a smart experience via apps and voice assistants such as Alexa e Google.

Will find Proscenic A9 available on the manufacturer's official website from start March 2021, taking a look at this link. In case you are interested in other products in the range Proscenic, we refer you to this article.

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