OxygenOS 10 Stable: link for OnePlus models | Download

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OnePlus Nord N10

Do you want to carry out the download for free of the latest version of the OxygenOS 10 Stable for your OnePlus? Among the various proprietary interfaces present in the Android field, the OXYGEN it is certainly one of the most popular. Contrary to MIUI and EMUI, the company's goal was to keep an approach as close to Google's stock idea as possible. Over time, then, the UI has been gradually enriched with graphic customization and functionality, making it more and more unique. But as in the case of Xiaomi, multiple versions of the ROMs are available on the network, being developed for different audiences and geographical areas. This is why we wanted to create a dedicated article where to have the link for the download for free firmware.

Here below, therefore, you will find the list of OnePlus smartphones that have so far appeared on the market for which the OxygenOS 10 is available. Chinese in the form of HydrogenOS 10. However, we preferred not to include them, in order not to create confusion and since their implementation is not so convenient compared to our counterpart.

Last updated: February 22st

OxygenOS Open Beta: link for OnePlus models | Download

OxygenOS 10 Stable: all versions available for download for OnePlus

Here is the list of versions of the OxygenOS 10 Stable available for download for compatible OnePlus smartphones. Where you find the indication " -> OxygenOS 11 ″ it means that ROM has been updated and you can find it in the dedicated article.

OnePlus 810.5.10 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.5.11 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 8 Pro10.5.12 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.5.12 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 7T10.0.16 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.0.16 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 7T Pro10.0.14 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.0.14 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 710.0.11 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.3.8 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 7 Pro10.0.11 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.3.8 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 7 Pro 5G10.0.10 (Europe)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 6T10.3.7 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.3.8 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 610.3.7 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.3.8 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus 5T10.0.1 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.0.1 (Global)DownloadDownload (200601) / Download (200513)
OnePlus 510.0.1 (Europe)Download
10.0.1 (Global)DownloadDownload (200601) / Download (200513)
OnePlus North10.5.10 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.5.10 (Global)DownloadDownload
OnePlus Nord N10 5G10.5.10 (Europe)DownloadDownload
OnePlus Nord N10010.5.7 (Europe)DownloadDownload
10.5.4 (Global)DownloadDownload

How to install the OxygenOS 10 Stable after downloading

This OxygenOS 10 installation procedure is valid for all OnePlus smartphones indicated here. First of all make a backup of your data, in case you want to keep it: performing an incremental update will not delete it, but you never know. The next step, of course, is to download the affected firmware for your model. At this point connect the smartphone to the PC and copy the downloaded .zip file to the main folder of the internal memory. If you have a macOS PC, you can use Android File Transfer to do this.

At this point go to "System Settings / Update", Click on the Settings icon at the top right, click on"Local update“, Select the copied file and select "Install". To perform the installation it takes about a minute, at the end restart the smartphone and you have completed the procedure.

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