Lenovo ThinkBook Pods Pro are the first TWS earphones designed for PC

lenovo thinkbook pods pro
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Wireless earphones are now in everyone's life: of different shapes, qualities and prices, they are faithful allies for many uses. However, there are those who also use them on the PC and maybe need a different use of the Bluetooth and he thought about this Lenovo with the new ones TWS earphones ThinkBook Pods Pro, from the excellent features and a price reasonable.

Lenovo ThinkBook Pods Pro: Switching TWS earphones from smartphone to PC will be a breeze

Lenovo tws earphones pc

Before knowing the technical characteristics of these new Lenovo headphones, you need to understand the principle for which they are designed. In fact, with the ThinkBook Pods Pro it is possible to use them with Bluetooth on smartphone, but also on PC without using the Bluetooth module of the same. This thanks toadapter USB Type-A placed in the case of earphones, as if it were a wireless mouse.

This implies what? That those who work with these solutions will find the convenience of keeping them connected both on the mobile side and on the computer side, without having to give up one of the two devices. More, Lenovo dedicated to TWS earphones a desktop app where to know all the details on the autonomy of the latter. Finally, i ThinkBook Pods Pro are optimized for conference call app like Skype for Business e Microsoft Teams. As for the audio side, however, they promise a very high quality thanks to Qualcomm chipset integrated. Also present i touch controls, so as not to miss anything. Or maybe yes, missing theANC.

But how much do these useful and special headphones cost? The Lenovo ThinkBook Pods Pro TWS earphones have a price at the exchange rate of approx 127€ (999 yuan), so they are certainly not cheap, but for what they offer it is a really honest price, given that we are talking about an innovative and intelligent technology, especially on the business side. At the moment we have no news of western marketing, but it is by no means excluded that we will soon be able to see them on the most well-known stores such as AliExpress o Banggood, but also in direct distribution of Lenovo.

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