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The advent of screens AMOLED introduced the concept of Always-On Display on smartphones, but eliminated that of Notification LED. To date, finding an LED for smartphone notifications has become a difficult, if not virtually impossible, task. Unless you rely on models of past generations, buying a modern smartphone means depriving yourself of an LED that can inform us of receiving messages and so on. The reasons for its disappearance are two: on full screen smartphones there is less and less space for such an LED, at least according to the manufacturers. To compensate for this lack there is the aforementioned Always-On Display, but not all smartphones are equipped with it. For this we want to explain how to get a notification LED on any smartphone with a display AMOLED.

How to make any AMOLED screen become a notification LED

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The "magic" is allowed by the free app NotifyBuddy, created just to make you feel less of the lack of a physical notification LED. Not to mention that its flexibility guarantees a degree of customization on average greater than usual. In the beginning, the developers conceived it for devices OnePlus, but nothing prevents you from using it on smartphones Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Realme, Samsung and so on.

Download NotifyBuddy from Google Play Store: during installation you will be asked for permission to access notifications, the overlay on the screen and above all to disable energy optimization. You must grant all 3 permissions, otherwise the app will not be able to function properly. At this point, choose which app to activate it for and the notification LED color for each app. From the settings, then, you have further customizations but for many of them you will be required to purchase the Pro version (at a cost of € 1,59, evaluate yourself).

Know that to make it work properly you will need to disable features such as Always-On Display or Ambient Display they are. Otherwise, NotifyBuddy cannot work, as it would conflict with them, so consider what you prefer. Clearly it is designed to be used on devices that do not have these modes, such as the OnePlus with OxygenOS 10.

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