How to change the region of your Xiaomi: why do it and what it entails

how to change xiaomi smartphone region

Since we have news of Xiaomi devices in the market, we have always known that something between one geographical area and another is different. This is why many have worked to make the change and many often ask how to change the Region of your Xiaomi smartphone (Also Redmi e POCO), but most of all why do it e what it entails this change.

Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO: how to change the region of the smartphone, what it means and why you should do it

Let's start, before understanding any usefulness, from how to set a new one Agents on your smartphone. First of all, we must go to the Settings and then immediately on Additional Settings. Once in the menu, select Region and choose one Country out ofEurope (such as India, Hong Kong, China etc.). Of course, it is also possible to change Region on Redmi e POCO.

Now that we have known how to do it, let's move on to the utility and what this change entails (which among other things also leads to the why of everything). The premise is that one Region different, you carry diametrically different functions than between one Xiaomi smartphone European and Indian, for example. Basic, in Europe il maximum headphone volume is limited, then by selecting another country you can increase it much more.

For example if you select India like Region, you will get the application on the home page Pay me which in Europe is currently unpublished (but you cannot use it), while for more useful uses for example i Temi are many more and the font of the MIUI it is more customizable. But there are dangers in changing it? To be honest No, because they change Settings but we are not exposed to any danger whatsoever.

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