The Xiaomi Suzuki 2.0 radio controlled car is back on offer with Coupon

Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny Sierra radio controlled car discount code
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We have already talked about it on a previous occasion and even before with the rumors about MIUI for Car. No, the Chinese company did not launch into the car sector but the answer was much simpler. And if the radio controlled car Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny Sierra has intrigued you now you can rejoice since it is also available for us Westerners thanks to GearBest with a lot discount code dedicated.

Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny Sierra discount code: the radio controlled car arrives on GearBest

Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny Sierra radio controlled car discount code

Made to scale 1:16, the version Xiaomi area of Suzuki jeep Jimny Sierra looks like a faithful reproduction of the famous off-road vehicle. The radio-controlled machine can be controlled directly via smartphone thanks to the Bluetooth 4.2 and certainly it will not fail to entertain young and old. Inside there is space for a 500 mAh rechargeable, so you won't even have the problem of batteries. The autonomy settles around 30 minutes.

Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny Sierra radio controlled car discount code

The radio-controlled car Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny Sierra debuts on offer with discount code su GearBest al price di 50.8€, with shipping recorded by the cost of 2.54€.

NB We cannot exclude that the shipment may avoid incurring customs charges, but the risk remains very low. If that happens, however, the expense shouldn't be too high.

Xiaomi Suzuki Jimny Sierra radio controlled car - GearBest

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