The best accessories for iPhone 12 in AliExpress

aliexpress iphone accessories

In recent weeks, we have published several articles related to best products present on AliExpress and, probably, you will have discovered that this eCommerce offers many joys thanks to its low prices. So, in today's article, we will find out what the best accessories per iPhone 12 (and not only). More in detail, we talk about gadgets accessible to all, as they are positioned below the 20 euro.

The 7 best accessories for iPhone 12 in AliExpress

Wireless charging bases

I have chosen to include two solutions in this category, the first is one Baseus 15W wireless charging base, which has the particularity of having a glass surface that reveals the internal parts. This is perfect for the latest set of iPhone 12 as it fully supports 15W.

However, if you have an "old generation" iPhone and want to spend less on a 10W then you can choose one of the other variants available on the same product page.

The second solution is one docking station for iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch, which offers 7.5W, 5W and 2.5W charging respectively. I would like to point out that with other Android smartphones you can reach up to 15W (eg Galaxy S20 series, but find more info on the link).

Tripod support for iPhone and Apple Watch

This is probably the best looking product on the list, as we're talking about a support to hook onto a tripod which allows to house both theiPhone that theApple Watch. What is it for? Well, it's a very useful tool for the vlog since you can use the Watch display to see the shot!

aliexpress iphone accessories

The images certainly speak more than a thousand words and, moreover, you can attach other accessories such as an LED panel or a microphone to it.

Gaming trigger

I first triggers that I am about to propose to you are real professional buttons which will greatly improve your playing style and performance. In fact, we find a comfortable joystick-style handle and two buttons on each side, a bit as if they were L1 / L2 and R1 / R2.

For those looking for simpler and more basic triggers, then Baseus has a much cheaper proposition. In fact, these controllers are sold to 3 € and will still help us improve performance.

2 in 1 adapter

It only costs 1.33 € and it is one of the most useful accessories you can buy for your iPhone. We are talking about a 2 in 1 adapter to be inserted in the Lightning input that will allow you to listen to music with wired headphones and recharge the phone at the same time.

aliexpress iphone accessories

Magnetic case for iPhone 12

With only 3 € you can buy a magnetic wallet imitation leather for iPhone 12. This is available in different colors and for all variants of the 12 series.

aliexpress iphone accessories

Discovering AliExpress: the best accessories for iPhone 12

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