ASUS ROG and Ikea: here is the first line of gaming products

asus rog and ikea

ASUS is a brand that has always been attentive to gamers. In addition to producing devices suitable for all types of users, this brand continuously develops gaming products. ASUS ROG Phone 3, for example, it is just one of them. Within the brand's catalog, however, there are also other accessories, some of them very interesting. In the last few hours, then, this list seems to have expanded further, thanks to a particular partnership with ... Ikea!

ASUS ROG and Ikea together, with many products for gaming including mats, lights, chairs and more

asus rog and ikea

If you are looking for various accessories for the Gaming, perhaps the new product line developed by ASUS ROG e Ikea could be for you. In fact, from this collaboration, a rather large project was born, which brought some of the most accurate solutions for gamers to the market. In addition to gaming chairs, therefore, desks, cushions, LED lights, chests of drawers and much more have also been launched. Each of these products, then, comes in different variants, depending on the tastes of the users.

There are two broad categories that contain a host of different products, namely PLAY e LÅNESPELARE. The first term means all those accessories such as furniture, desks and everything that revolves around them. In the second case, however, smaller products such as cups, pillows, headphone holders and much more are taken into consideration.

asus rog and ikea

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At the moment the gaming line of these two brands is not yet on sale in Italy. According to the official roadmap, however, these accessories could arrive in our country at the end of the year. Waiting, then, will be tough, but we can't wait to get our hands on some of these products.

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