ZMI beats everyone: it is the first 200W powerbank in the world, already available for purchase

zmi powerbank 120w

ZMI continues to amaze us, as the launch of this one demonstrates Powerbank able to show off an overall output of up to 200. This is the first portable battery with such power and it is no coincidence that it is from ZMI, a company known for collaborating alongside Xiaomi. In doing so, the ZMI No. 20 Powerbank Pro is the only one that can take advantage of the Mi Turbo Charge di Xiaomi mi 10 ultra.

7 / 01 Update: the new 200W powerbank is also available for purchase for us Westerners. Find all the details at the end of the article.

ZMI No. 20 Powerbank Pro is the first in the world with a power of 200W

zmi powerbank 120w

The ZMI No. 20 Powerbank Pro is to all intents and purposes the successor model of the No. 10, launched in recent months with a power of 45W. The charging output thus rises to 200W, in addition to being able to count on a large internal battery from 25.000 mAh. The interface with which it is equipped includes two USB Type-C ports, one at 100W and the other at 45W, and one USB Type-A at 120W, for a total of 200W.

From a structural point of view, the ZMI powerbank has a side LED display, with which to know the remaining charge in real time. In addition, fast charging also affects the powerbank itself, which can be recharged to 65W in about 2 hours. It will be sold in China from January 6 at the launch price of 399 yuan, or approximately €50.

ZMI not. 20 powerbank pro 200w

Recently ZMI has made headlines thanks to other important products, such as the powerbank equipped with HDMI port. As well as the PurPods Pro, the first TWS headphones from the company that until now had confined itself to the sector of chargers and power banks.

Returning to the new ZMI powerbank da 200, we point out that the device can already be purchased for us in the West thanks to AliExpress. Below you will find the link to the purchase: if you don't see the box correctly try to disable AdBlock!


The first 200W power bank in the world!

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