Which app does Xiaomi CEO use the most? You won't believe your eyes!

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Those who have been approaching Chinese technology for years have learned over time to identify certain brand figures as a certain management standard. Then, there is Lei JunCEO Xiaomi, who really knows a lot more than the devil and in recent times he has devoted a lot to social media in order to offer his products, so much so that an app more than all has become his favorite and most used, even if it does not belong to his brand : TikTok.

Xiaomi: TikTok is the most used app by Lei Jun

xiaomi lei jun tiktok

To show themost used application da Lei Jun and the CEO di Xiaomi same, given that in a post on TikTok (in its Chinese version Douyin) shows the autonomy of the battery of his Mi 11, with the social media that is the application that most occupies his days, with well 2 hours and 10 minutes of use.

Could it be strange? Yes and no, because although ByteDance (owner of TikTok) is actually something of a rival to Xiaomi, Lei Jun's giant does not yet look at software products of this type (the recent closure of the messaging app that started the technological empire is emblematic).

Furthermore, the founder is currently the “influencer” of Xiaomi par excellence, since the last My 11, be on Weibo that precisely on TikTok, is sponsored directly by him, like never before. In short, the humility of such an important figure always leaves one surprised, but certainly in a positive way.

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