Xiaomi makes the Mi Haptic vibration more real with MIUI 12.5

xiaomi miui 12.5 vibration mi haptic

For some time Xiaomi introduced the mechanism of Mi Haptic vibration on their smartphones and thanks to MIUI 12.5 it will become even more realistic. A feature that Apple has focused on in the past years is the Taptic Engine, a vibration engine capable of returning a very satisfying tactile effect. Some Android manufacturers have tried to do the same but with results not always of the same level. Xiaomi is one of the companies that has been most committed in this direction and the Mi Haptic system really wants to improve the vibration experience under the fingertips.

Xiaomi improves Mi Haptic with MIUI 12.5, the vibration is more and more realistic

We still wait for the MIUI 12.5 to be released permanently in a few months, but in the meantime the MIUI 12.5 Beta allows a preview to the most geeks. And it is precisely in the latest version, the 21.1.25, which has been further refined the Mi Haptic system. In the settings, a dedicated vibration menu has been added, from which you can activate (or not) tactile feedback and adjust its intensity.

In the new menu it is also possible to have a preview of how Mi Haptic works. Audio and vibration work in sync to deliver more realistic feedback, with three different pattern groups. The category "Crisp”Makes use of high sound frequencies to add three-dimensionality, in movements such as creating folders, adjusting brightness and volume. The category "Base”Adds low frequencies, to accentuate visual transitions and make gestures more natural. In this case, we find it in the full screen gestures of movement, as well as in the movement of icons and so on. Finally, the category "Pop”Includes springy and sudden sound effects for actions such as opening pull-down menus, pop-up menus and in the on / off slider.

This is a novelty that will be exclusive to a few models, as declared by Xiaomi: if you want to find out which ones, we talked about it previously in this article. If you want to try it, you will have to rely on MIUI 12.5 Beta in its version 21.1.25 or later: you will find the download link in the dedicated article.

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