Xiaomi Mi MIX 4, Mi CC10 and Mi Note 11 surprise appear on the official website

xiaomi me mix 4

Some smartphones don't end, they make huge laps and then come back: that's right, I mean Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 e I CC10. The respective successors have been expected for years now: Xiaomi Mi CC9 came out in summer 2019, Mi MIX 3 even in autumn 2018. It may be that the pandemic situation has slowed down Xiaomi's plans, but many are wondering what happened to them. Even in Europe we ask ourselves, given that Mi CC9 Pro has been brought to our geographical area in the form of Xiaomi Mi Note 10: and therefore when it will arrive My Notes 11?

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 and Mi CC10 return to show up, directly on the Xiaomi website

It is still early to give you concrete rumors about Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 and Mi CC10, but a little clue gives it to us anyway Xiaomi official site. A user analyzed the HTML code of the Chinese MIUI site, finding references to the aforementioned smartphones within the indexed keywords.

xiaomi mi mix 4 mi cc10

Not only that: it also refers to MIUI 13: recently the MIUI 12.5, but we already know in an official capacity that its thirteenth version is in the works. But the company has never officially spoken about Mi MIX 4 and Mi CC10 or even only in the form of indiscretions. One would think that 2021 could be the year in which we will see the debut of Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 and Mi CC10, even if these clues do not shift the balance.

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The fact that Xiaomi has inserted these tags into the page's HTML doesn't mean much, though. The company may have done this solely to index these keywords and get those looking for them on search engines to land on their site. It must be said, however, that Redmi K40 does not appear among the keywords (while there is K30) and we are sure that this keyword is quite sought after. In short, maybe something is really boiling in the pot.

Xiaomi Mi Note 11 also appears, destined for the European market | Update 14/01

Going back to how we left last time: yes, perhaps it is very likely that something boils in the pot, at Xiaomi. While the Chinese site dedicated to MIUI showed us the presence of the Mi MIX 4 and Mi CC10 tags, the European counterpart of the portal also presents some surprises. Digging into the HTML code of the site, in fact, here too both the Mi MIX 4 tag and the one dedicated to Xiaomi Mi Note 11, the western counterpart of the upcoming CC10.

This is the first time ever that we hear about the device: obviously there is no confirmation from the company, but only clues. Furthermore, there are still no details on design and specifications, but given the insistence of these rumors it is likely that in the coming weeks (or days?) Something more substantial will also arrive.

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