Mi A3 stuck after Android 11? Xiaomi repairs it for free, even out of warranty

xiaomi me a3

There is no peace for the owners of Xiaomi Mi A3, Android One device now hit by an almost incalculable number of disasters: the last one concerns brick's problems after updating to Android 11. Many have found themselves with the phone locked and there have been reports from you too. The Chinese company has also warned users but unfortunately in several cases it was too late. For this reason, do not despair: if you find one in your hands Xiaomi Mi A3 blocked do not worry because the company is offering the free repair for everyone, even for models out of warranty.

Upgrade 05 / 01: in the meantime, a new roll-out of Android 11 has started in this article.

Mi A3 blocked after Android 11 and out of warranty: Xiaomi repairs it for free

According to various media reports, Xiaomi is offering a free repair service for Xiaomi Mi A3 affected by brick and therefore blocked due to the update to Android 11. As specified, this would be an initiative valid for all interesting users, even those in possession of a smartphone outside the warranty period.

Consequently, it is the Chinese house itself that recommends Mi Fans to go to one of the assistance centers closer, so you can fix your smartphone. Here you can find the official page of the Italian site dedicated to the location of the brand's service centers. Alternatively, you can send an email to the address dedicated to assistance (service.it@xiaomi.com) or call 800 690 921 (Monday - Friday 9:00 - 20:00 and Saturday 9:00 - 18:00). The official site also offers a chat support service.

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