Xiaomi Mi A3 receives Android 11 thanks to Paranoid Android

xiaomi mi a3 android 11

Xiaomi Mi A3 Is part of the smartphone list who will receive the update ad Android 11, but for the moment there is no news about it. We will probably talk about it again at the beginning of 2021, barring last-minute surprises: however, the troubled update to Android 10 could make it slip further. But the team Paranoid Android has decided to anticipate the times, releasing a first build of its historical Custom ROM.

Upgrade 13 / 01: after the initial alpha phase, the Beta ROM is now available. You can find it at the end of the article.

Paranoid Android brings a first build of Android 11 to Xiaomi Mi A3

The new Ruby Alpha 1 build allows you to test Android 11 in advance on board Xiaomi Mi A3, even if it is not a definitive release. But not for this reason it is less accurate, even from the graphic point of view with the beautiful wallpapers made by Hampus Olsson. A name that may not tell you anything, but that you really should already know, being the one who realizes OnePlus wallpapers. This is thanks to the official Abstruct app, however available on the Google Play Store for all android users. The system UI has also been tweaked by the Paranoid Android team, offering a different experience than usual.

More interesting is that this build is based on Android Code Aurora Forum, with optimizations for the Qualcomm platform they guarantee more performance, functionality ed autonomy compared to AOSP ROM. Since this is an alpha ROM, there are still bugs, in this case related to the Wi-Fi Display and IR sensor.

As with all custom ROMs, we remind you that its installation requires the unlocking the bootloader and custom recovery TWRP.

Ruby Beta 1 is coming | Update 13/01

xiaomi mi a3 paranoid android ruby ​​beta 1 android 11

After the alpha testing phase, Paranoid Android introduces the ROM Ruby Beta 1 for all Xiaomi Mi A3 owners.

Download Paranoid Android and Android 11 for Xiaomi Mi A3

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