Xiaomi's folding spotted in some photos from vivo

xiaomi folding smartphone photo display

Foldables are a category of smartphones ready to occupy the market in a more conspicuous way, but they need a boost in quality / price ratio. And if there is a brand that can give the decisive push, that is Xiaomi, whose folding smartphone it would appear in some photo from vivo, but will it really be him?

Xiaomi: the folding smartphone in the picture has a very large display and a Samsung-style design

xiaomi folding smartphone photo software

So what do the photos posted by the well-known leaker and reviewer tell us Xiaobai Evaluation? The model of folding smartphone spotted on the subway in China shows the software features of the MIUI di Xiaomi, both in the settings and in the control center.

From what we can see, the display of this device is very large, which suggests a generous tablet-style diagonal, but also that the design is in style fold area of gamma Samsung, confirming some leaks and previous patents. But above all, if the technical so far leaked about the alleged foldable, it is very likely it is the famous "Cetus" with Snapdragon 888, camera from 108 MP and telescopic sensor with 3x optical zoom e OIS. But everything must always be taken with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately, you cannot know much about the external design of this smartphone but it is a sign that Xiaomi is working on it seriously (although it needs confirmation, so beware of the fake) and that it is respecting the its policy regarding foldables. Of course, if they saw that groove there in the middle again, it would be even better.

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