The series vivo X60 responds to OPPO Reno 5: sales boom immediately

vivo x60 pro sales

In China, the challenge between the giants of technology has just started to the sound of new smartphones. Self OPPO, with the series Reno 5, is making important numbers since the end December 2020, series vivo X60, includingX60 Pro, in the early days of sales, is no less, replicating the same success and beyond.

vivo X60 / X60 Pro: the most important stores in China crown it as sales champion

vivo x60 pro sales 2

The data of this first success for the new flagships vivo they come from the best-known online stores in China, that is, Suning, Tmall, but also from the most important carriers in the country such as China Telecom, Unicom e China Mobile. In fact, the whole series turned out to be the best in the 3000 to 5000 yuan price range, so give it around 350 to 650 €.

Certainly very important numbers, which however reward the strategy of vivo which has focused on important elements for the general user for its X60, especially for the camera side, real ball nowadays. Surely all the context used by the two smartphones, which soon they will be 3, does nothing but represent a feeling of value, so as to try to stand out from increasingly fierce competitors and closer to the idea of ​​quality smartphones at all costs.

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