How the Gimbal dei vivo X60? This video explains it to us

vivo x60 pro night mode gimbal camera

Following their presentation, there is already great curiosity about the quality of Gimbal camera of the new ones vivo X60 e X60 Pro. To prove its stability and night mode, in a video the smartphone was placed on a toy train on which he took pictures in the dark.

vivo X60 Pro: the high quality Gimbal camera in night mode

Looking at the video, we can understand that the condition to which the vivo X60 Pro with her Gimbal camera it is definitely not ideal for taking pictures without noise, which is why the night mode. Indeed, the LEGO toy train speed without delay on the tracks without stopping in various scenarios with different dark conditions.

vivo x60 pro camera 2

As we can see, the 2021 top-of-the-range smartphone of vivo behaves excellently, even when it is practically pitch dark. Of course, the support of the Pro mode, but the high quality of the sensor is evident and therefore we can admire how once again the Chinese giant has made a decisive commitment in a sector he cares a lot about.

Of course, one could argue that it is still a sample or in any case implemented by professionals, but the real shots should not be so different from those of the video, given the great efforts made inimaging di vivo. And another question arises: if the Gimbal camera di X60/X60 Pro it is so good, how good will that of the next one be X60 Pro +? We will know very soon.

Thanks to the user of our community Lorenzo for the always kind report.

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