TSMC: 3nm chipsets will arrive soon on Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO and more


TSMC does not stop, despite having nothing more to do with Huawei. After ban of the United Statesin fact, the chipmaker was no longer able to establish commercial relations with the Chinese giant, losing a large slice of the market. Despite this, however, the company has absolutely not lost heart. Investments have grown and, consequently, also earnings. This is why, over the next few years, even greater growth is expected, also thanks to the arrival of new chipsets a 3nm.

27 / 01 Update: a large company, in these hours, would have contacted TSMC for the supply of 3nm chipsets in the coming years. We explain who it is at the bottom of the article.

TSMC will increase capital expenditures in 2021


WHAT IS THE capital expenditure? We must first understand this to get to understand the efforts TSMC is making. These expenses, therefore, are all the money that a company spends to improve its plants or to acquire new machinery. All operations that also presuppose a growth of the brand in the medium to long term. Over the past year, therefore, TSMC has spent about $ 17 billion on this. Inside the 2021, however, a substantial enough growth in capital expenditure is expected to reach i 20 billion dollars.

Xiaomi patents two new smartphones, similar to Mi MIX Alpha

Despite Huawei's ban, demand for 5G devices and products equipped with Wi-Fi 6. At the production level, therefore, the brand is committed on several fronts, not least that of the production of chipset to 3nm for the 2022. Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO and many others, therefore, are looking forward to this moment, because they will certainly be among the first companies to take advantage of these new chipsets. All that remains, therefore, is to wait several more months, aware of the fact that TSMC continues to work tirelessly on various fronts.

Upgrade 27 / 01

Also Intel would have turned to TSMC in these hours for the supply of chipset to 3nm. This news is not yet official, but second DigiTimes the terms of the agreement would speak of a supply ready for the second half of 2022. This would be one of the most important contracts, therefore, for the Taiwanese chipmaker, which would also have to satisfy the requests of other well-known brands, such as Apple.

TSMC is expected to start producing these new chipsets by the end of this year, but it will certainly not be easy to keep up with all these demands.

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