Teclast M40 review: is it the best tablet for 150 euros?

teclast m40

Taking a quick look at what can be found on the main online stores, there is certainly no shortage of tablets. By now many Chinese brands have almost specialized in the production of these devices, often offering an unparalleled quality-price ratio. It is therefore not surprising that many users go in search of these devices, also driven by the desire to own a more manageable and less complicated product than a PC. This, therefore, is absolutely not a wrong choice, especially if in your hands you have a device produced by Teclast, such as the new one. Teclast M40. You will have already guessed, therefore, what this tablet offers on a practical level, but I want to talk about it in more detail in this Full review.

Teclast M40 review


Looking at the typical sales package of this device, we notice how the usual accessories have been introduced inside. In the box, therefore, we find:

  • Teclast M40;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • plastic film pre-applied on the front glass;
  • short instruction manual, also in English.

Design & Materials

Teclast M40 is certainly not the most beautiful tablet among those currently on the market. We see, in fact, how on the front there are thick black frames and how it is also characterized by the presence of a thin strip in plastic which divides the glass from the side frame. The latter, among other things, is made of plastic, while the whole rear body is in aluminum. Since this is a device also equipped with LTE connectivity, therefore, it is normal that the company has opted for this type of choice, taking advantage of the side edges to obtain better signal reception. Beyond that, however, it is a rather handy product, which only measures 243 x 163 x 9,2 mm, with a weight of approx 500 grams. Let's say that from this point of view, therefore, it has nothing less than many other competing tablets.

teclast m40

Initially I thought it was a 2in1 tablet, but taking a closer look at it I realized that on the bottom it does not show the classic magnetic pins for the keyboard. In any case, there is no shortage of ON / OFF, volume balance, RESET button and admission USB Type-C. On the top, however, we have the audio jack 3,5mm and lo SIM slot which can simultaneously host two 4G nanoSIMs or, alternatively, a nanoSIM and a microSD. The only two speakers of this tablet, then, were positioned at the bottom, and both actually work properly.

I must say that the materials used are good and do not give the feeling of being faced with a poorly constructed product. There is no creaking or assembly problems. I would have preferred, however, a rear camera flush with the socca, to avoid that this component is easily damaged when you place the tablet on various surfaces.


This tablet offers a IPS LCD display da 10,1" with resolution FHD (1.920 x 1.200 pixels) e PPI 225. Let's say, therefore, that the quality could certainly have been better, but in this price range it was perhaps not possible to do better. Beyond everything, therefore, the colors are quite good and the viewing angles sufficient. What did not convince me are the whites, tending too blue, and the blacks who have proved to be poco deep. Obviously these are small details, details that do not affect the daily experience with the product too much.

teclast m40

There are a couple of things to say about the brightness, starting from the fact that here there is no automatic sensor for adjusting this parameter. This therefore poses some problems during its use, forcing us to always manually change this aspect. Secondly, it is difficult to view the contents on the screen in direct sunlight. We are in the middle of winter at the time of writing the review, so the situation will almost certainly not improve in the summer. To this, then, there is also a oleophobic treatment practically non-existent, which does not speak in its favor.

On the other hand, I was quite happy with the panel touch screen mounted on this Teclast M40. In fact, he proved to be reactive and precise in every situation, even in the most excited writing phases.


Neither MediaTek, nor Qualcomm. Teclast M40 is equipped with a SoC Unisoc T618, therefore an octa-core CPU composed of 2 x 75GHz ARM Cortex A2.0 + 6 x 55 GHz ARM Cortex A1.8. To accompany this component, then, we find 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM e 128GB of internal memory. The latter, however, can also be increased using a microSD. All the graphic part, then, is managed by one GPU Mali-G52, from 850MHz, which offers more than enough performance.

I often say that now the difference between a good product and a bad product is clearly visible especially in the gaming phase. Here, therefore, everything is confirmed. Teclast M40 is able to run a game like Asphalt 9, although the frame-rate is not high and the graphics quality shows details at a minimum. However, I would not have expected anything different from what I could see with my own eyes. This tablet is, in fact, able to handle even the heaviest tasks satisfactorily. Several open tabs on Chrome do not bother him, as does the frantic opening of many applications. With its 6GB of RAM, then, it is able to keep various information in memory, so often some apps may still be open in the background even after some time.

After several tens of minutes of gaming on the back, a slight warmth begins to feel, but nothing to worry about. Even if put under stress, in fact, this tablet resists very well without showing its side.



Android 10 is the version that Teclast has decided to implement on this product. Despite everything, however, the security patches date back to September 1, 2020. As I often say, however, if this device is mainly used for multimedia and poco else, there is no need to worry about this factor. Also because the company did not want to customize the interface with any graphic detail or any application. Here Android is in its stock version, so it also shows all those little system bugs that we find on such versions. Despite this, however, the device performs well, never crashing and without reporting any errors.

All the main Google applications are present but this does not mean that others can be downloaded from Play Store. Here, fortunately, no ban has yet arrived about it.

Audio & Connectivity

A module resides on board this tablet Wi-Fi ac Dual Band which manages to maintain good performance even in the least covered areas of the house. I must say, however, that in terms of stability, precisely in these points, it struggles a little more to keep the connection active. Beyond this, then, the M40 can also be exploited outdoors, thanks to the possibility of installing well inside the two nanoSIM 4G working simultaneously. Finally, there is no lack of Bluetooth 5.0 e GPS / A-GPS / Glonass / Beidou, all compartments in which the product has never shown any malfunction. Within this sector I also want to mention the two cameras, both from 8MP, which return just enough quality. We are in line, however, with that shown by other competing products.

The lower part of the tablet contains i two speakers main ones that, in general, work well. Even if the bass are almost completely absent, it is still possible to enjoy a discrete audio but certainly not suitable for listening at high volume. I can tell you, therefore, that on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video it is easily possible to enjoy your favorite movies and TV series without problems. Being positioned at the bottom, then, during the gaming sessions you will not go to plug these areas, obscuring the audio.


It is never easy to evaluate the autonomy of such a product, which is often used in a rather discontinuous manner. On board, however, there is room for one battery da 6.000 mAh which has no problem taking you until the evening even after a busy day of use. I can only tell you, in fact, that I have personally exploited it for more than three consecutive days, watching some TV series on Netflix, some videos on YouTube and surfing the web. You just have to be more careful when using your SIM, because in that case under the LTE network the battery consumption is higher.

Price & Conclusions

Teclast M40 is currently on AliExpress and it costs only 150 € about. I must say, therefore, that in light of all this, the product is valid in every respect, even the less convincing ones. In fact, it is not easy to find such a reliable product in daily use at this price. As mentioned at the beginning, in fact, the tablet market is quite controversial and the competition among “Chinese” products is really fierce. Maybe there are models that manage to do even better in some ways, but at the moment this remains one of the best for me.

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I recommend to evaluate the purchase for all those who are not looking for an excellent quality device, contenting themselves with having an efficient product in their hands. This M40, therefore, responds precisely to this need, not particularly standing out in any sector but returning more than sufficient performance in daily use. It is not really a device aimed at multimedia, also given the quality of the display that is not entirely valid, but it can still be used as a valid mobile support within your home. Those who do not have too many needs, therefore, will be satisfied.

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review-teclast-m40-specifications-priceTaking a quick look at what can be found on the main online stores, there is certainly no shortage of tablets. By now, many Chinese brands have almost specialized in the production of these devices, often offering an unparalleled quality-price ratio. No wonder, then, that ...